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One UI 7 Beta (Android 15) Delayed: What Galaxy Fans Need to Know

For eager Galaxy enthusiasts anticipating the arrival of the One UI 7 Beta Program, it’s time to temper your excitement. Samsung has announced that the One UI 7 Beta Program won’t be launching anytime soon, dampening the hopes of those eagerly awaiting a taste of the latest Android 15 update.

Delayed Arrival

Despite reports of Android 15 testing purportedly underway on the Galaxy S24, it seems that the One UI 7 Beta Program won’t see the light of day until August of this year. While developers have indeed begun testing Android 15 on the Galaxy S24, the official rollout of the One UI 7 Beta Program remains on hold for the time being.

Indicator of Progress

Recent observations by CheckFirm have shed some light on the situation, with the detection of a major upgrade in the latest test build. This upgrade has resulted in a bump in the OS version from “A” to “B.” However, it’s worth noting that test firmware builds bearing the designation “Z” instead of “B” would serve as a clear indicator of an imminent arrival of the One UI 7 Beta for the Galaxy S24 series.

Anticipated Features

When the One UI 7 update eventually lands, it promises to bring a plethora of exciting features to Galaxy devices. These include a multi-user profile, enhanced dynamic theming, universal dark mode support for all apps, satellite SOS functionality, AI-powered Google applications, new and improved Galaxy AI features, and enhancements to multitasking capabilities.

Comparison with Previous Releases

In terms of timing, it’s worth reflecting on Samsung’s past Beta Program launches. Last year, the Android 14 Beta for the Galaxy S23 series kicked off in August, while in 2022, the same month saw the initiation of the Android 13 Beta for the Galaxy S22 series. Following this pattern, it seems that Galaxy S24 users may have to exercise patience until August 2024 for the One UI 7 Beta Program to commence.

Google’s Android 15 Beta

Meanwhile, Pixel device owners can look forward to the imminent arrival of the second Beta of Android 15. This release is expected to coincide with the commencement of Google’s I/O 2024 event next week. Google has previously indicated that the Android 15 Beta Program may run until July or August of this year.

Future Outlook

Samsung is likely to push the One UI 7 Beta for Galaxy devices once Android 15 reaches the Platform Stability milestone. The Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are poised to be the first smartphones to receive the latest software updates on both Beta and Stable channels, offering users a comprehensive and polished user experience.

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