Travelxp enters the OTT market with Travelxp Red


Global travel channel Travelxp has launched its own OTT, Travelxp Watch, amid this OTT boom. Travelxp is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store and will add TV Apps by the end of this month. A total of more than 250 original travel stories, including 50% in 4K HDR, will be available at launch in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali.

As Travelxp celebrates its 10th anniversary, the launch of India’s first travel OTT platform is a significant milestone for the company’s digital ambitions. Travelxp will be streaming more than 150+ hours of original travel content at launch and hopes to increase the library strength to 1000+ hours of content by the end of FY 2022.

“Travelxp has always been known for breaking boundaries. We launched the world’s first 4K HDR Channel in 2016, and now the world’s first 4K HDR Travel OTT Platform, with Travelxp Watch. We are delighted to bring the power of 4K HDR to our Indian fanbase. The OTT market in India has really warmed up over the last year, with many new and legacy players going the digital route. This has been a project in the works for nearly two years now, we wanted to get it right with regards to the entire customer experience, and we are extremely ecstatic with the initial response. In a period where travel is going to see a big resurgence, Travelxp is going to be at the heart of supporting the travel recovery with the power of content,” remarked Prashant Chothani, the founder CEO of Travelxp 4K | HD.

The entire product, built by an in-house team through the whole covid lockdown, has been a learning experience for Tanay Chothani, who joined Travelxp two years ago to lead all Digital Projects, a significant part of which constituted the OTT Platform. 

“Travel for us is synonymous with passion. The passion of the team in creating a platform that resembles the simplicity and joy of travel has seen us shoot up to the Top 50 Apps in India for the Travel Category in less than a week since launch, and we have more than 30,000+ Monthly Active Users already! 

We are receiving overwhelming feedback from our users about the quality of the shows and the platform. Digital is going to be a big space for Travelxp, and we are excited to bring new and exciting developments to our video watching experience for all Travelxp fans in India.”

Travelxp has also piloted a unique market opportunity which it promises will be the new disruption in e-commerce. “We have all heard about social commerce, Travelxp brings to its viewers the power of content-driven commerce. While we showcase the world in the beautiful 4K HDR quality we are known for, we are also going a step further and allowing our users to book and plan their travels, right from the same app. The content-driven commerce model is going to be a big part of our strategy going forward, as the power of video is unparalleled in driving demand and also giving viewers more decision-making power,” remarked Tanay.

Travelxp’s big bet on the niche OTT space will be an exciting trend to watch as more consumers move away from traditional viewing experience and towards streaming in the postcode OTT boom.