Update Alert, Whatsapp Chats, Images Will Auto-Delete In 90 Days!

New Whatsapp Update You Should Know...


Whatsapp is testing a new security in its Disappearing Messages functionality.

New Choices In ‘Disappearing’ Functionality

Users will be able to have their messages automatically deleted after 90 days with the new choices.

Another option being tested for Android, iOS, and Web users are auto-delete after 24 hours.

Once the Functionality is publicly rolled out, customers will have a menu with options to select “Off” so messages will never disappear or wish to have them disappear after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

How It Benefits Users

The Disappearing Messages functionality was introduced in November last year but give users only the auto option to delete their messages after 7 days.

Whatsapp stated that it starts with the 7 days option to provide users “peace of mind that discussions aren’t permanent while remaining practical” so that the topic of communication is not forgotten.

How Others Can preserve message Content

It should be remembered that even though the messages can disappear after the decided period, those who received the messages can preserve them by forwarding to a chat.

The messages can also be duplicated before it is set to disappear.

Users can also screenshot the message to preserve it.

Whatsapp is working on other features, including a View Once feature to erase photos and videos once viewed by recipients.

Chat Backup And Transfer

The messaging platform has also announced that it is developing the anticipated feature of transferring chat history, including voice notes, photos, and conversations between iOS and Android devices.

One had the option of backing up their chats on Google Drive storage for Android and iCloud storage for iPhones.

This feature is presently restricted to migration between iPhones and Samsung devices.

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