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WhatsApp Pink Scam: Here’s How This Fake App Can Steal Your Personal Data

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging platform, has become a major target for scammers and hackers. We’ve already heard about the WhatsApp OTP scam where the hackers are exploiting OTPs to get access to people’s accounts. Now, another WhatsApp scam called “WhatsApp Pink Scam” is making the rounds.

So, what exactly is this WhatsApp Pink scam and how does it work? Basically, hackers have developed a malicious app which has a similar interface to that of WhatsApp but pink version. To promote app downloads of this fake “WhatsApp Pink” app, several messages are being forwarded on the instant messaging app that contain malicious links within them.

The forwards urge users to download the pink version and lure them by claiming that the pink version of the app comes with new features for the users. In case you’re wondering if the “WhatsApp Pink” app actually changes the color of the app then yes it does.

Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia was the first one who reported about this latest scam. He took to twitter to provide all the details about the malicious “WhatsApp Pink” app. Check this out:

Once a user clicks on the link in the message, they are redirected to a new page where they are asked to click on the option that proceeds to download the app on their phone. Now if the users download the app on their phone, it will be able to steal their sensitive personal data which the scammers can then use to either hack their other accounts, sell on the dark web, or use for other illegal and malicious purposes.

Another scary thing is that once the app is installed on the phone, it’s very stealthy and goes in the hiding mode making it hard for users to get rid of it. However, users can remove the app by going to settings > app > select “WhatsApp Pink app”, and uninstall.

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