Whatsapp Won’t Restrict Any Feature For Not Accepting New Privacy Policy: What Does This Mean?

By now, the new IT rules introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeITY) on February 25, 2021 has managed to stir up all the major social media and micro blogging platforms in use in the country.

Initially resistant to complying with the revamped IT rules, 2021, major social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, did in fact give in to the rules and have shared the required details with the Government, except Twitter.

Additionally, Facebook-owned instant messaging platform Whatsapp has clarified that it will not be limiting any functionality on its application for (Indian) users who have not complied with its new privacy policy, however it will keep reminding such users to accept the policy.

This comes after the platform’s almost 40 crore Indian user base had doubts of the app cutting down its functionalities for the ones not complying with its new privacy policy.

Whatsapp Announces to Continue Providing Full-Fledged Functionalities
In January this year, Whatsapp introduced an update to its privacy policy, according to which it could share users’ business conversations and data with Facebook, if given permission.

After receiving huge backlash and protests over their arm-twisting tactics to enforce the new privacy policy, Whatsapp postponed its initial deadline for implementing the new privacy policy, scheduled for February 8 to May 15.

On May 14, the messaging platform announced that users will not lose any functionalities on May 15, if they do not agree to their privacy policy.

While the company clarified that it would not limit any functionality of the application to users who haven’t complied with its privacy policy, it did confirm that it will continue to remind users to accept the same.

“While the majority of users have already approved our update, no one will lose functionality on May 15 if they haven’t yet and we’ll be sure to provide reminders at a later time”, a company spokesperson said.