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YouTube Premium vs. YouTube Music Premium: Key Differences Explained

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offering ad-free access to YouTube and YouTube Music, along with exclusive content from YouTube Originals. It’s designed to enhance your viewing experience by removing interruptions and providing additional features.

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Premium

While YouTube Premium includes ad-free access to both YouTube and YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium focuses solely on music streaming. Both services offer ad-free content, but YouTube Premium provides a more comprehensive package with extra benefits.

How to Sign Up for YouTube Premium

Signing up for YouTube Premium is simple and requires a Google account. If you don’t already have one, you can create it during the signup process. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to YouTube Premium: Visit YouTube Premium in a web browser and click “Try It Free.”
  2. Log In or Create an Account: Sign in with your Google account, or select “Use another account” to create one.
  3. Enter Payment Information: Provide your billing details. YouTube Premium offers a free trial period, and you won’t be charged until it ends unless you cancel beforehand.
  4. Start Your Trial: Click “Start Trial” to activate your subscription.

For families or students, YouTube offers discounted plans that allow multiple users to enjoy YouTube Premium benefits.

YouTube Premium Family and Student Plans

YouTube Premium subscriptions are typically for individual accounts. However, the family plan allows up to six accounts to share the benefits at a cost of about 50% more than a single subscription. This is ideal for households with multiple users.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium includes features that enhance your YouTube experience:

  • Ad-Free Videos: Enjoy all YouTube videos without interruptions. Creators still earn revenue from your views.
  • Offline Videos: Download videos to watch offline with a simple tap.
  • Background Play: Keep videos playing in the background while using other apps.
  • YouTube Music Premium: Access ad-free music and videos via the YouTube Music app or website.
  • YouTube Originals: Watch exclusive series and movies created by YouTube.
  • YouTube Kids: Get an ad-free and offline experience with the YouTube Kids app.

What Are YouTube Originals?

YouTube Originals are exclusive series and movies available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. Originally featuring popular YouTubers, the content now includes a range of reality shows and scripted series, such as the acclaimed “Karate Kid” sequel series, “Cobra Kai.”

YouTube Premium vs YouTube TV

YouTube Premium and YouTube TV are separate services. YouTube Premium focuses on ad-free YouTube and exclusive content, while YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service that serves as a cable alternative. Both offer access to YouTube Originals, but YouTube TV includes ads on regular YouTube videos and doesn’t provide other YouTube Premium benefits.

Is YouTube Premium a Cable Replacement?

While YouTube Premium offers extensive content and features, it doesn’t include live TV channels. It’s not a direct replacement for cable like YouTube TV or other live TV streaming services. However, if you primarily consume YouTube content, it can serve as a primary entertainment source.

How to Watch Original Shows on YouTube Premium

Watching YouTube Originals is straightforward if you’re familiar with YouTube:

  1. Log In: Go to and sign in to your YouTube Premium account.
  2. Select Originals: Click “Originals” on the left-hand menu.
  3. Choose a Show: Browse and select a series or movie to watch. You can choose to play individual episodes or the entire series.

Background Play on YouTube Premium

Background play allows YouTube videos to continue playing while you use other apps or lock your phone. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open the YouTube App: Log in to your account with a YouTube Premium subscription.
  2. Play a Video: Start any video.
  3. Press the Home Button: The video will appear in a small thumbnail.
  4. Move or Close the Thumbnail: Drag the thumbnail to reposition it or tap the X to close it.

Downloading Videos and Music with YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium lets you download videos and music for offline playback:

  1. Open the YouTube App: Find a video you want to download.
  2. Select Download: Choose the download quality and tap OK.
  3. Access Downloads: Go to the Library tab and select Downloads to view your saved videos.

Note: Downloaded videos are available as long as you connect to the internet at least once every 30 days and stay signed in with your YouTube Premium account.

What Happened to YouTube Red?

YouTube Red was rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018, carrying over all previous benefits and adding new features. Existing YouTube Red subscribers were automatically transferred to YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium enhances your viewing experience with ad-free content, offline access, and exclusive shows, making it a valuable service for avid YouTube users.

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