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10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Shimoga for a Unique Experience

Shimoga is a low-key small hill station in Karnataka where the true beauty of nature lies in. Surrounded by the verdant hills, valleys, dense forests, and wildlife, the significance of Shimoga speaks for itself. The scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere are the reasons to explore this hidden gem for a refreshing holiday. We’ve compiled a list of popular places to visit in Shimoga that will offer you nothing but a unique experience, have a look.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls which is famous to be the second-highest and tallest un-tiered waterfall in the country is located about 100 km from Shimoga town. Jog falls is divided into four parts called Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer and formed by the Sharavathi River. The surrounding is rich with dense forests and foggy climate. The enormous waterfall, with its foamy water and the pleasant sound of it, make this gorgeous place one of the popular places to visit in Shimoga. Apart from its beauty, the wildlife sanctuary, water sports, and nearby tourist places should be explored near Jog falls.

Kodachadri is a peak in the Western Ghats that is rich with the abundance of flora and fauna and the mesmerizing beauty of verdant hills and small valleys create a hypnotic spell to your eyes. The serenity and outstanding views of the surroundings are not the only reason for people to find it attractive, the trekking and hiking activities play a huge role too. Kodachadri is located behind Mookambika Devi temple, which is one of the excellent places to visit near Shimoga which offers exotic wildlife and bird species like Malabar Langur, Indian Rock Python, and Pied Hornbill.

Among all Shimoga tourist places, Keladi is a temple town near Shimoga where you’ll find the Rameshwara Temple, which was built up in the Hoysala and Dravida style and dedicated to Lord Rameswara, Lord Veerabhadra, and Lord Ganesh. You’ll also get to witness intricate carvings and revered deities inside the temple making the place way too attractive. Keladi is one of the most popular choices of peace seekers.

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is one of the most visited bird sanctuaries in Karnataka, which is truly a heaven for ornithologists. Situated in the midst of thick forests, the sanctuary is surrounded by rural fields and a habitat of more than 48 species of birds. The ideal time to visit all Shimoga tourist places is definitely monsoon, and especially here you should visit between June and December as you’d get to spot lots of rare migratory birds including black-headed crane, jungle fowl, bittern, Indian shag, white ibis, etc.

Gajanur Dam
Another popular tourist place in Shimoga, Gajanur Dam has a mesmerizing view of the river Tunga and lush greenery making it a perfect picnic spot. There is also an elephant camp you can visit and for nature lovers and animal lovers, this place is one of the fascinating places to visit near Shimoga where you can spend quality time with your close ones.

Barkana Falls
In order to enjoy a breathtaking view in the lap of nature, exploring Barkana Falls is a great idea especially during monsoons, as the beauty gets enhanced during this time. This is counted as one of the top tourist places near Shimoga because of the sheer beauty it possesses. There is a story behind the name of this falls too, the name is originated from ‘Barka’ which means a mouse deer, and this shy creature can be found in this region only. You can take a trekking experience through the dense forest to Barkana Falls.

This is a small temple town, located near Shimoga is Ikkeri, which boasts of mesmerizing surroundings and serenity. The temple is situated on the top of the hill and dedicated to Lord Shiva that attracts a huge number of tourists every year. The divine ambience along with breathtaking views of the green valleys is definitely one of the most charming weekend getaway destinations in Shimoga. For a perfect escape away from the chaos of the city, Ikkeri is worth giving a shot.

Sakrebailu Elephant Camp
Among all the tourist places near Shimoga, this is a fun place to visit in Shimoga, especially if you are visiting with family and kids. Sakrebailu Elephant Camp is located on the Thirthahalli Road and is roughly 14 km from the city. You will find numerous elephants over there and can also indulge in the herbal garden tour, bird watching, trekking, campfire, etc. The visiting hours are between 8.30 am and 11 am and you can also witness elephants bathing during that time.

Onake Abbi Falls
Shimoga has gained immense popularity because of all the splendid locations it offers and Onake Abbi Falls is one of them. It is indeed a paradise for both trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers as the place has several attractions. A short 4-5 km trekking to this place can be easily covered and is a fun experience one can get. You will get to witness the abundance of flora and fauna while exploring the trail. The waterfalls look divinely pretty during monsoons with the lush greenery enveloping the entire place, making it one of the attractive places to visit near Shimoga.

Most of the Shimoga tourist places become crowded during monsoon, however, there are some places in Shimoga that are yet to be unravelled and hence they are untouched by the complexities of city life. Hosahalli is a small village in Shimoga and the only place in the world where people speak in the Sanskrit language on a regular basis. Their dialect is called Sanketi, which is the mixture of Sanskrit, Kannada, and Tamil. This place was a part of the great empire, Vijayanagara, and home to some ancient temples that history buffs will find exciting to explore. The place is low-key and away from the main city that can be a great weekend getaway destination to have a memorable experience.

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