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12 Thrilling Adventure Sports In Pune And Around In 2021

Pune is one of India’s most happening cosmopolitan cities, bustling with the young crowd looking for adventure. Besides a lot of sightseeing options, Pune offers a range of adventure activities.

Whether it’s bungee jumping, paragliding, or rappelling, there are many adventure sports in Pune and nearby areas. If you don’t have a plan for the coming weekend, here are some thrilling activities you can try.

2 Best Adventure Sports In Pune: Within The City

Let’s start with some fun activities perfect for a day of adventure places in Pune within the city premises. For most of these adventure sports in Pune, you need to travel for an hour at the max. Here is the list of the best adventure sports in Pune you can check out:

  • Artificial Wall Climbing – Thrilling Heights
  • Paint Ball – It’s Time To Paint


Artificial Wall Climbing – Thrilling Heights

Out of all the adventure sports in Pune, Artificial wall climbing might not come close to the real adventure, but it does give you a rush. There are numerous rock climbing training centers in Pune that ensure adequate training for novice climbers. If you cannot chalk out an outstation trip, this is an excellent way to sweat it out. Also, it is a good activity for team outings and a gang of adventurous friends. It is one of the best adventure activities in Pune that you must try.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: Anytime

Where to try: Raje Shivaji Artificial Climbing Wall at Shivajinagar

Cost: Depends on the course

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Paint Ball – It’s Time To Paint

Paintball is one of the most popular adventure activities in Pune. Run, hide, duck, and dive as you wipe out the other team. Perfect for a corporate outing and a large group of friends, Pune’s Paint Ball zone is located in the city’s heart and is one of the most exciting adventure sports in Pune.

Adventure level: Medium

Best time to try: Anytime

Where to try: Mariplex Mall’s P.A.I.N.T Paintball zone at Kalyani Nagar

Cost: INR 1500 per person

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6 Best Adventure Sports Near Pune: 1 hour From The City

Apart from the adventure sports in Pune, if you are looking for more fun, there are adventure options near Pune. But the towns around Pune have some of the best adventure sports. A drive of an hour or so, and you will be in the lap of adventure destinations around Pune.

  • Paragliding – Fly High And High
  • Rappelling – Adventure Seekers
  • Bungee Jumping – Crazy Expeditions
  • ATV Rides – Motor Bike Love
  • Trekking – Amidst Nature
  • Waterfall Rappelling – Water Lovers

Paragliding – Fly High And High

Soar above the mountains and enjoy the blissful views as you glide in the air like a bird. There are no prerequisites for these kinds of adventure activities near Pune. Join the course, and you are set for the adventure. With panoramic views of lush green hills to absorb and the sheer thrill of flying, paragliding is one of the best adventure sports near Pune.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: October – June

Where to try: Indus Paragliding, Kamshet

Distance from Pune: 45 km

Cost: INR 2,500 – INR 3,500 per person for Tandem paragliding, course charges extra

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Rappelling – Adventure Seekers

The waterfall at Madhe Ghat is one of the most beautiful spots near Pune and adventure places in Pune. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, it is also a good pick for indulging in the adventure. Here, you can engage yourself in various things to do in Pune, and rappelling at 120 feet near the gushing waterfall is a stunning activity that you can try here. Tied to a harness, you go down the slope while the falling water drenches you completely and adds to the difficulty level. Undoubtedly, rappelling at Madhe Ghat falls is a thrilling experience and indeed one of the best adventure sports in Pune and its vicinity. This is one of the best adventure activities near Pune.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: June – October

Where to try: Waterfall Rappelling at Madhe Ghat

Distance from Pune: 64 km

Cost: INR 800 per person

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  1. Bungee Jumping – Crazy Expeditions


Bungee Jumping in Pune, one of the most exciting sports globally, lures youngsters like nothing else. But sadly, there aren’t any places in Mumbai or Pune to try it. However, halfway between the two lies Lonavala, where adventure junkies flock to do bungee. Offering myriad options for adventure sports near Pune, Della Adventures is also one of the largest adventure clubs in Pune & its vicinity.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: October – June

Where to try: Della Adventures, located in Kunegaon, Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 65 km

Cost: INR 1500 per person

Bungee Jump Height: 45 m

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  1. ATV Rides – Motor Bike Love


If you are looking for weekend getaways near Pune, get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of riding a quad-bike (or an All-Terrain Vehicle) as you take on the dirt tracks at Della Adventures Club. If you are a mud-loving and adventure-seeking individual, then ATV Riding is for you. And unlike dirt-biking, it is safe. And what’s more, you don’t even need a valid driving license!

Adventure level: Medium

Best time to try: September – March

Where to try: Della Adventures, Lonavala

Distance from Pune: 65 km

Minimum Age: 12 years


  • Geared/Automatic ATV ride 90 ccs (Polaris): INR 500
  • Automatic ATV 200 cc Polaris: INR 750
  • Geared ATV 700 cc Ride (Yamaha Raptor): INR 1,250

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Trekking – Amidst NatureTrekking in Lonavala is one of the most popular adventurous things to do near Pune. Lonavala is amongst the most comfortable getaways from Pune and is known for its picturesque beauty. You can take any of the exciting treks here for a perfect time with friends and loved ones!

Adventure level: Medium

Time Taken: 1 hour 30 minutes

Best time to try: September – March

Distance from Pune: 65 km

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  1. Waterfall Rappelling – Water Lovers

Another exciting sport near Pune but to be performed only by experts! Waterfall Rappelling is gaining a lot of popularity these days, especially in Karjat, where adventure seekers from across the country gather.

Adventure level: Strong

Time Taken: 2 hours

Best time to try: December – March

Distance from Pune: 99 km

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4 Best Adventure Trip Near Pune: 3 hours From The City

Well, as they say, nothing comes without a bit of effort. If what we have given above excites you, there is more to try. But for that, good locations are about 3 hours away from the city. If that isn’t trouble, here’s what you can try.

  • Scuba Diving – Glance The Marine Life
  • Camping – Stays Amidst Nature
  • White Water Rafting – Rapids And More
  • Kayaking – Peaceful Glides
  1. Scuba Diving – Glance The Marine Life

Another exciting excursion for marine life lovers near Pune is scuba diving. It would be best if you headed to Tarkarli, which is 387 kilometers from Pune. The activity will make you witness the vibrant marine life of Maharashtra.

Adventure level: Medium

Time Taken: 3-4 hours

Best time to try: November – March

Distance from Pune: 387 km

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  1. Camping – Stays Amidst Nature

For the people who love residing amidst nature, camping near Pune is one of the most loved activities. Bhandardara is one of the most popular destinations in Maharashtra for camping. This excursion will make you capture the panoramic sights of lush green valleys.

Adventure level: Easy

Time Taken: 2 hours

Best time to try: December – April

Distance from Pune: 162 km

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  1. White Water Rafting – Rapids And More


Of all the water activities, there is nothing as adventurous as rafting through the rapid rivers. White water rafting is the best among the water adventure sports near Pune. The only problem is that it is slightly far off. You will have to set aside an entire day to enjoy river rafting in the gorgeous rivers with rapids near Pune.

Adventure level: High

Best time to try: June – September

Where to try: Kundalika River at Kolad

Distance from Pune: 113 km


  • Weekends & Holidays: INR 1245 per person
  • Weekdays: INR 775 per person

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  1. Kayaking – Peaceful Glides


If white water rafting looks a bit dangerous, kayaking would be a lot of fun for you. And what is more, you get to row the boat all by yourself, or with a maximum of 1 other person. It is for the same reason that this is one of the sought-after sports by couples. Kundalika River at Kolad, surrounded by scenic forests, offers the best option for kayaking near Pune. Row through the calm stretch of Kundalika River as you enjoy the lush greenery.

Adventure level: Medium

Best time to try: June – Feb

Where to try: Kundalika River at Kolad

Distance from Pune: 113 km

Cost: INR 450 per person

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So, which of these adventure sports in Pune or around are you rushing to do this weekend? Plan a trip to Maharashtra now and share your experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Sports In Pune

What is famous in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is famous for its caves and rock-cut architecture, as in Ajanta Ellora Caves that is also one of the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Some of the temples in Maharashtra are over 1000 years old.

Is there any beach in Pune?

Amongst all the beaches around Pune, Alibaug Beach is the most famous beach in the Konkan region. This is a scenic black sand beach for utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. Time is taken to reach Alibaug Beach from Pune: It is 145 km from Pune, which will take you about 2 hrs and 40 minutes to get to the beach.

What is the traditional dress of Maharashtra?

Traditional clothes for Maharashtrian males include the dhoti, also known as Dhofar, and pheta, while a choli and nine-yard saree locally known as Nauvari sadi or Lugda are for women.

What is Pune’s famous dish?

The city cuisine involves many delicious and mouth-watering food items: the central cuisine and the instant snack, and the street food items. Foodies take a great interest in Pune cuisine. The favorite food item of Pune is Dabeli which is also known as double roti or Kutchi Dabeli.

What are Pune’s famous shopping hubs?

Some of the best Pune’s shopping markets include Fergusson College Road, Hong Kong Lane, Bajirao Road, Phule Market, Fashion Street, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Laxmi Road, June Bazaar, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, and Tulsi Baug, among other places.

Who built Aga Khan Palace?

Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III built the Aga Khan Palace in Pune, India. Built in 1892, it is one of the crucial landmarks in Indian history. The palace was an act of charity by the Sultan who wanted to help the poor in the neighboring areas of Pune, who were drastically hit by famine.


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