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6 Countries With Most Number Of Fully Vaccinated People Where It’s Probably Safe To Travel

Countries around the world are racing to vaccinate their population against the deadly coronavirus. After the UK administered a fully-tested Covid-19 vaccine, several countries have rolled out shots to inoculate their residents. But if you are wondering where to travel after the international borders open, here is the list of countries with the most number of vaccinated individuals.

1. Israel
While fast-forwarding its mass vaccination drive, Israel hopes to reopen for tourists soon. “As Israel vaccinates its population, the tourism and hospitality sectors are reopening, allowing us to plan for the return of tourists soon.” Israel Minister of Tourism Orit Farkash-Hacohen said. The country has already vaccinated 80% of its senior citizens, making Israel an attractive as well as a safe destination for tourists. About 40% of the country’s population has already been vaccinated.

2. Seychelles
Seychelles is the world’s first country to achieve herd imminity. You can already start planning your trip to the island as Air Seychelles has opened booking for Mumbai to Mahé, with the first flight on 8 April 2021. The Mumbai to Mahe flights will run twice weekly. Once you provide a COVID negative certificate, there will be no quarantine, no restriction in movement, and no minimum stay requirement in Seychelles.

3. UAE
UAE began the mass vaccination drive in December 2020, and since the authorities are ensuring that everyone in the nation has easy access to the vaccine. From launching various vaccine centres to launching the vaccine on wheels initiative, UAE is way ahead on the vaccine curve. And now, guess what? Half of the population of the UAE has now received the COVID-19 vaccine.

4. Serbia
Serbia has administered at least 20 lakh doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs two doses, Serbia has already vaccinated over 19% of its country’s population. Besides, did you know that you Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Serbia for a short trip? So, if you have been longing to go for a European holiday, Serbia could be a great option.

5. USA
The U.S. has doled out more than 165 million doses till now. And while 25% of people in the USA have been vaccinated, it will take another three months to cover 75% of its population. According to experts, it takes 70% to 90% of the population to be immune against a virus for herd immunity.

Apart from these countries, Malta and Bermuda have also vaccinated most of their population.

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