7 Places In The World With Longest Names To Have Your Tongue Twisted

Wait, are you drunk, or by chance high? Then you better come back later for reading this. As we are going to take you through a list that can give a rollercoaster ride to your brain and eyes both and can straightaway twist your tongue. The world has got places that have weirdly long names with teeth-breaking pronunciations. So, ready for the crazy spin? These are the 7 destinations in the world with the longest place names:

This hill in the North Island of New Zealand has the longest place name in the world. The name has 85 letters. It’s one word and 85 letters, guys! For convenience, the hill is often called Taumata. The name of the place has also been listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest place name.

This village on the Ynys Môn island off the north-west coast of Wales has 58 letters. It is the place with the second-longest name in the world. The original name of the village was Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll. The name was made longer in the 1860s to draw in more tourists. Also, do you know which is the longest URL in the world? It is the official website of this village.

This is the name of a lake in Massachusetts, US and is also the longest place name in the US. It is shortened to Lake Chaubunagungamaug. The lake is also known as Webster Lake as it is in the town of Webster in Massachusetts.

This is a farm that sits in the North West Province of South Africa. The name has 44 letters and it is the longest place name in South Africa. There is also a song with the name of this place as the title, co-written by South African artists Anton Goosen and Fanus Rautenbach.

This is the name of a Spanish village in Azpilkueta, Navarra and it has 39 letters. This is the longest place name in Spain, the second-longest in Europe and the fifth-longest name in the world.

This is a bog region in the Savukoski area of Lapland, Finland. It is the longest official one-word place name in Finland and the third-longest in Europe. A bar in the region was also later given this name, but it closed operations in April 2006.

This is the name of a Canadian lake and is also the longest place name in Canada with 31 letters. The lake is a famous spot for trout fishing.

Longest One-Word Placename In India
The above list has names of places with words having more than 30 letters. There are many places in the world with place names as long as 20 to 30 words. One of them is the Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta in India, having 28 letters, which is also the longest one-word place name in India and the eighth longest place name in the world.