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8 Enticing Festivals In Switzerland For Mirth And Merriment In 2021!

Top 8 Exuberant Festivals In Switzerland

Get ready to indulge in chocolate, cheese, and fascinating festivals. Here is the list of all the must to experience Switzerland festivals. Take a look!

  • International Balloon Festival
  • Geneva Motor Show
  • Paléo Festival de Nyon
  • Basler Fasnacht
  • Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Fête de L’Escalade
  • Festichoc
  • Fête nationale Suisse
  1. International Balloon Festival


The International Balloon Festival is held in January every year. Château-d’Oex hosts this festival as it is the capital of Swiss hot air balloons. Pilots from different countries participate in this festival, and hundreds of hot air balloons are seen in the sky on this 9-day festival. Considered as the best among the famous festivals in Switzerland list, the International hot air balloon festival must have a spot on your itinerary if you are planning a trip to Switzerland in January. If you are planning to visit Switzerland with your significant other, then this festival will surely make you gather a few amazing memories.

Location: Place du Village , 1660 Château-d’Oex

Held On: 23 January to 31 January 2021


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  1. Geneva Motor Show


Known as the ‘world’s best cat walk for cars’, Geneva Motor Show is held in mid-March every year and is literally a ramp walk for new cars. Many well-known companies display their cars on this show for the first time before the whole world .If you are thinking about witnessing festivals in Geneva, Switzerland then you should definitely buy tickets for Geneva Motor Show. Whether interested in motors or not, this unique festival is worth exploring while holidaying in Switzerland.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Held On: 2021 Cancelled (Due to Pandemic)


  1. Paléo Festival De Nyon


Started in 1976 as a folk festival in Nyon, Paleo is one of the most crowded music festivals among all Switzerland Festivals. One can relish around 250 concerts during this 6-day festival. People from various countries come to savour the loud music and vibrant lights of the festivals. Say yes to the music lover in you and do plan your trip according to the dates of this international festival. This electrifying music festival will make you party hard till late hours and enjoy the best of it!

Location: Nyon, Switzerland

Held On: 19 July – 25 July 2021


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  1. Basler Fasnacht


Being one of the top 50 local festivals in Europe, Basler Fasnacht is the biggest carnival in Switzerland where one can closely experience Switzerland celebrations and tradition. In this vibrant celebration held in Basler, the whole city is covered in confetti. Local people in different costumes wearing a mask, traditionally known as a Larve, roam around the city. If you want to witness the main highlights of the festival, you need to get up early in the morning and join the festivities. So, get ready to stroll around the streets of Basler filled with confetti and festive vibe. Plunge into the rich culture of Switzerland here by attending this illuminating festival while vacationing here.

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Held On: 2021 Cancelled (Due to Pandemic)


  1. Montreux Jazz Festival


Jazz, an intensified feeling of nonchalance was originated in New Orleans and today its popular worldwide. If you are mesmerized by Jazz, then you must attend the biggest Jazz festival in Switzerland. Montreux Jazz festival is a grand festival celebrated every year in Montreux in the month of July. Many renowned Jazz artist as well as upcoming artists perform in this festival. A must to attend, Montreux Jazz Festival will always be the unforgettable highlight of your life. Whether you have a love for jazz or not, this energetic festival will surely make you dance on the tune with its amazing vibe!

Location: Montreux, Switzerland

Held On: 2 July – 17 July 2021


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  1. Fête De L’Escalade


Ainsi périrent Les ennemis de la République, is a renowned phrase recited every year on Fete de L’Escalade in Switzerland since the day Geneva defeated the French House of Savoy. This phrase simply means ‘Thus defeated the enemies of the Republic’. Considered important among the popular festivals in Switzerlandlist, this festival is a must to attend for all the travelers who want to soak in the culture and traditions of Switzerland.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Held On: 10 -12 December 2021 (May Vary)

  1. Festichoc


Chocolate is true bliss, one can experience in a few seconds. Indulge in a festival which will provide you pleasure as well as free Swizz chocolates. If we talk about the most exciting event in the list of festivals in Switzerland then Festichoc will be the choice of every chocolate lover ever. Wait no more and get ready to be surrounded by lots of chocolate in the form of sculptures, liquid chocolate, bars and you must attend the festival to know more.

Location: Versoix, Switzerland

Held On: Yet To Be Announced

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  1. Fête Nationale Suisse

Undoubtedly the most eminent festival of any country is its national day, and if you are curious about witnessing how the people of Switzerland celebrate their national day, then you will get a glimpse of it right now. Imagine thousands of bright decorations, garden barbeques and fireworks near the Rhino falls, isn’t it a splendid view? To attend the grand national day festivities of Switzerland to absorb every bit of Switzerland culture.

Location: Rhino fall, Switzerland

Held On: Yet To Be Announced

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Ready to relish the authentic festive vibes of Switzerland? Book your next trip to Switzerland and explore the electrifying festivals in Switzerland and be prepared to have a blast.


Frequently Asked Questions About Festivals In Switzerland

Does Switzerland celebrate Oktoberfest?

No, there is not any tradition of this festival in Switzerland.

Which traditions are celebrated in Switzerland?

Some of the traditions that are celebrated in Switzerland are:

1. Celebration of St Nicholas

2. Horse show in Saignelegier

3. Onion market in Brn

4. The Sechseläuten

What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland is from the months of April to June and September to October. During this time, the weather is perfect.

Is it safe to visit Switzerland?

Yes, it is very safe to visit Switzerland. The crime rate of Switzerland is low and the people are very helpful.

How many days are sufficient for a trip to Switzerland?

You will need 6 days for a nice trip to Switzerland. In 6 days, you can easily explore the cities it boasts of.

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