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9 Epic Lakes In Mexico That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America and is the sixth most visited country in the world. It is home to several archaic monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites. If you want to explore ruins, reserves and colonial cities, look no further than Mexico. You will be surprised by what you take away from the journey. The country is culturally diverse and embraces people of all classes, creeds, and religions. The lakes in Mexico are a sight to behold, so make sure that you visit them. Carry new Mexico lakes map so that you don’t miss out any of these lakes.

Top 9 Lakes In Mexico

The major lakes in Mexico are exceptionally popular among the young and the old. From picnicking to boating, there are a range of activities you can pursue here. You will be left spellbound at the beauty and the resplendence of these Mexico City lakes:

  1. Baccarac Lake


This lake is about 20-30 minutes away from Baacubirito, the gold mining town. It is located in the northern pacific region of tourism in Mexico which is quite crowded throughout the year. The lake is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain ranges. This is not a natural lake; it’s a man-made reservoir. The depth of the lake is about 326 feet and it occupies about 30000 acres.

Location: Sinaloa, Mexico

Also known as: La Presa de Bacurato

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  1. Falcon Lake


This man-made lake is located on the Texas-Mexico border. Built in 1954, the water of this lake gets consumed in irrigation and hydroelectricity, among other things. It is a fabulous family outing spot. Many people are known to visit Falcon lake to dive into recreational activities like boating, fishing, swimming and water skiing. There are a few hiking and bike trails nearby too. The lake houses different types of fishes like catfish, white bass, crappie and flathead catfish.

Location: Manitoba, Mexico

Also known as: Falcon International Reservoir

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  1. Lake Casa Blanca


The most popular attraction near this lake is Blanca International State Park. It is a beautifully designed natural park. At the lake, you can indulge in a bevy of activities, including camping, boating, fishing and swimming. The lake is surrounded by wildlife native to Mexico. You will have the time of your life here in case you decide to visit with your friends and family.

Location: Chacon Creek, Mexico

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  1. Laguna Bacalar

An English translation of Laguna Bacalarlake is: lake of seven colors. This lake is peppered with coconut trees and is always surrounded by tropical birds. You will also come across a lot of exotic orchids here. Sailboats keep coming in and going until the wee hours of the morning. This lake gives off peaceful vibes. It is ideal for sailing, boating and skiing.

Location: Belize Border, Mexico

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  1. Laguna Milagros


Almost similar to Laguna Bacalar, this lake is slightly smaller. It is surrounded by dense vegetation that is home to a variety of birds. It is an ideal place for sailing, fishing and swimming. It is not very well-known among locals and tourists but it’s slowly rising to become one of the upcoming destinations that all offbeat travelers must pay heed to. Do not ignore this lake at any cost!

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

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  1. Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad is wildly popular because of the presence of Amistad dam. It took 5 years to build this dam, which is extensively used for flood control, irrigation, water conservation and hydropower generation. The word ‘Amistad’ has Spanish origins. It means ‘friendship’ in English. The lake is surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs.

Location: Val Verde, Mexico

  1. Lake Avandaro


The lake is just a two-hour drive away from Mexico City. This popular destination is thronged by families every weekend. Some of the most popular fishes found in this lake include catfish, mojarro and crap fish. It takes up around 37000 acres of land and is surrounded by dense vegetation. There are some great hiking trails nearby that are easy to follow without a guide.

Location: Valle de Bravo, Mexico

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  1. Lake Chapala


Lake Chapala is the largest freshwater lake in Mexico. This destination is known for its picturesque sunsets, incredible villages and amazing weather. It is adjoining the Sierra Madre mountain range and is a popular camping spot. It is 48 miles long and about 10 miles wide. The water level keeps fluctuating in the lake. Many migratory birds descend here, so bird watchers are in for luck.

Location: Jalisco, Mexico

  1. Lake Patzcuaro


Lake Patzcuaro is located in central Mexico. It is a large volcanic lake which has shallow basins and is surrounded by small islands. The islanders make their living by fishing. The fishes that are mostly found in the lake include sea bass, trout, perch and white fish. The lake boasts of efficient cruise and water taxi facilities. They will take you around the islands and towns nearby.

Location: Michoacan, Mexico

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The lakes in Mexico are plentiful, finite, and sustain life in Mexico, where it is held in trust of all the people. These nine lakes are, undoubtedly, some aesthetically beautiful spot that you must visit on your trip to USA . Mexico is more than just colonial cities and architecture. It has a beating heart. Go ahead and experience this feeling!

Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes In Mexico

Which are the major lakes in Mexico?

Some of the major lakes in Mexico are Baccarac Lake and Falcon Lake.

Was Mexico City once a lake?

The city of Tenochtitlan was built on an island within the lake. To control floods, the lake was drained and that lake basin is today known as Mexico City.

Is Lake Chapala in Mexico polluted?

Yes, Lake Chapala in Mexico is getting affected badly due to industrial pollution.

Is Lake Texcoco still in Mexico?

Lake Texcoco was a natural lake whose basin today is completely occupied by Mexico City.

Which are the best months to take a lake tour in Mexico?

You must visit Mexico in between December to April to take a lake tour in Mexico. The weather is just perfect for staying outdoors.

Is it possible to swim in Las Coloradas on a Mexico lake trip?

No, Las Coloradas is a salt-water lake. The pink color of this lake is due to the extreme presence of the salt level in this water. One must not swim in this water.

Which are the artificial lakes in Mexico of tourist importance?

The Amistad, Falcon, and Miguel Aleman are the major artificial lakes in Mexico. One must visit these lakes on their Mexico trip.

Which lakes are ideal for couples to explore in Mexico?

You must visit Laguna Bacalar, Laguna Milagros, Lake Casa Blanca, Lake Chapala, and Lake Patzcuaro if you are traveling with your partner. These five lakes are the most suitable to explore by the romantic couples once on a honeymoon tour to Mexico.

Is it possible to stay nearby the lakes and enjoy recreational activities in Mexico?

Yes, you must stay in lake view resorts of Laguna Bacalar to enjoy the recreational and sporting activities on Mexico adventure tour.

What are all the adventure activities that one can do in the lakes of Mexico?

You can go for boat cruising, bird watching, fishing, lakeside biking, camping, lakeside hiking, relaxing on the lake shores, skiing, swimming, and trekking at the lakes in Mexico.

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