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9 Local Budget Restaurants Serving Fantastic Food In Pune

Traveling to Pune to spend alone time at the popular mediation center – Osho Ashram, or visit the famous Dagdusheth Ganpati, enjoy nightlife in Koregaon Park and Baner, trek to some of the popular Western Ghats or just for a boring business trip? No matter what your reason is, if you are in Pune then you must taste the local food and visit some amazing local restaurants. Here is my list of popular pocket friendly restaurants that serve finger licking food.

Sandwich Express

Sandwich Express in Koregaon Park is THE place we go to when we are craving for a sandwich. It is a very small place with outdoor seating. It is located in a small lane with restaurants on either side. You will see youngsters flocking this place in the evening.

Bombay Masala, Chilli Cheese and Paneer Masala sandwiches are a must try. The sandwiches here are spicy, crispy and thin. You need to order at least two sandwiches to satiate your hunger. You can also order a cold coffee or a green apple mojito along with the sandwich.

The lip smacking chocolate sandwich is something I order every time I visit this place. The grilled bread makes it rough and crispy on the outside. Once you chew the crunchy part, the gooey chocolate sauce fills your mouth with a sweet chocolaty flavor.

Pagdandi Book Chai Café, Baner – Coffee

I love this coffee shop more for its ambience than its coffee. The indoor seating includes few tables, a mattress and a mat and it is filled with books. For me, this place is about books and some alone time. It is a great place to work, read a book or hang out with friends. The coffee has a crisp and bright flavor and chocolaty aroma; something that I cherish.

Recommended – Adrak Chai, Desi Grill Sandwich and Hot Chocolate


This is a place for a typical lazy Sunday morning brunch. If you love egg dishes, then you will find Yolkshire food finger licking good. The menu is filled with omlettes with the best possible fillings inside and some sides like tossed potatoes, hash browns, Salami, tossed veggies etc. We ordered Omelette Florenline and Spaniard’s Breakfast. Omelette Florenline is a dish with spinach filling in the omelette, topped with fried mushrooms and mushroom sauce. The runny filling inside the omlette just melts in our mouth, tantalizing your taste buds. I would not recommend a particular dish here as everything looks enticing. Order and customize your dish the way you want it and share your experience with me in comments, so that I can try it next time.

Vohuman Café, Sassoon Road – Breakfast and Snacks

Vohuman Café is one of the oldest and legendary Irani Cafes in Pune. You will get only tea, coffee, milk, bread and omelette. In spite of the simple menu, this café is very popular breakfast destination among Punekars. It opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm and it will always be crowded. Bun Maska, Tea and Cheese Omelette are the specialty of Vohuman Café.

If you love Punjabi food like Parathas (with butter), Chole Bhature, Lassi and Rajma Chawal…..then Aaoji Khhaoji is for you. The portion sizes are massive. Every Paratha here is king size. Dara Singh Parantha Thali and Sunny Parantha Thali are the popular thalis at Aaoji Khhaoji.

Marz-O-Rin, MG Road – Quick Bites

Situated at the heart of Pune city, this is the place where you get scrumptious junk food. The balcony seating at Marz-O-Rin is the perfect place to sip coffee & enjoying some snacks with family & friends after a tiring day of shopping on MG Road. Chicken roll, Chicken Burger, chutney sandwich and Cheese Mayonnaise Sandwich are the must have dishes. The cold coffee is delicious – It is thick with perfect quantity of coffee and milk. Marz-O-Rin is also famous for its delicious rich plum cake.

Cafe Goodluck – Casual Dining (Non Veg)

Café Goodluck is one of the best pocket-friendly restaurants for non-vegetarians. Located in the most happening place in Pune, FC road, this café is a regular for many Punekars. Café Goodluck is a no frills place with fast service and delicious food. The food served is fresh from the kitchen. Visit this restaurant anytime of the day and you will have to wait in a queue for 5-10 minutes to get the table.

Try bun maska, tea and omelette if you are going for breakfast. My personal favorites for lunch and dinner are – Mutton Keema, butter chicken, rumali roti. For those with a sweet-tooth, try Caramel custard.

Flying Duck, Baner – Non-Veg (Dinner)

Flying Duck is a tiny outdoor seating restaurant that serves a good range of Asian cuisine like Vietnamese, Taiwanese etc. The preparation here is a bit different from other restaurants. It does satisfy your bored palette.

We went to dinner at Flying Duck on a Saturday night. As usual, it was extremely crowded. We started with Chicken Tom Yum Soup. The soup was tangy and spicy. It had chicken, broccoli, mushroom, baby corn, carrot and many other veggies. Later we ordered Vietnamese Caramel Chicken and Quail with noodles. Vietnamese Caramel Chicken was a starter. The crispy chicken surface and the spicy, tangy, caramely flavor make it a superb dish and a must try. Quail is the specialty of this restaurant. It was properly marinated and cooked to perfection and the noodles had balanced flavors. Overall it was a good experience.


As the name suggests, this restaurant is known for its classic South Indian food. Visit this place for its rasam Rice, delicious dosas, crunchy wadas, fluffy Idlis, and filter coffee. The sambar and the tangy orange chutney here are very tasty. This small restaurant in Baner is a perfect place for breakfast.

This is my list of pocket friendly restaurants in Pune. If you have been to Pune, then share your favorite restaurants in the comments below.

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Sandwich Express, Koregaon Park – Sandwich

Yolkshire, Aundh – Brunch (Egg Recipes)

Aaoji Khhaoji, Aundh – Casual Dining (Pure Veg)

Idlicious, Baner – South Indian Food

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