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A Coca-Cola Lake Exists In The World & It Is Impressive Beyond Words!

Whatever meal you’re enjoying, whether it’s a cheesy pizza or a juicy burger, you’d never forget to drink Coca-Cola with it. We have a special place in our hearts for the fizzy soft drink with a tangy-sweet taste and brown hue. If you are a fan of Coca-Cola, did you know a lake in Brazil named after the brand? The lake attracts hundreds of tourists for a particular reason. Read on to discover what it is.

Brazil Has A Coca-Cola Lake With Caramel Colour Water

In the great Atlantic rainforest reserve of Mata Estrela in Brazil is an unusual lake called Araraquara. However, it soon became known as Lagao de Coca Cola due to its colour resembling the soft drink. No, it’s not polluted or carbonated. A high concentration of iodine, iron and pigment from reeds near the shore causes Coca-Cola’s brown colour. El-amber coloured waters at the Coca-Cola lake has made it an offbeat tourist destination in Brazil. The water is crystal clear, and people often flock here for a swim or a dive.

The Coca-Cola Lake Is Known for its Healing Properties

This Instagrammable lake is known to have minerals in its water and soil that make taking a dip beneficial for health. According to the official Brazil Tourism website, Coca-Cola lake has rejuvenating properties despite its unusual colour. Swimming, bathing and boating are all safe in this pristine natural water body. Locals strongly believe the water in the lake is healing.

This lake is reached by hiking through a forest

Despite the lack of tourism infrastructure, the site is worth a visit. As you breathe in the beauty around you, you can relax in the water or swing in the hammock. You must walk through the forest for 5 hours to reach Coca-Cola lake. Enjoy an adventurous trek with your loved ones while you listen to the sounds of the Guariba monkeys. On the beach, you can also ride a buggy. Coca-Cola Lake, or Lagoa da Araraquara, is a unique vacation spot you need to put on your bucket list, especially if you love Coca-Cola.

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