After Maldives, Wealthy Indians Plan Escape To Caribbean; Seek Dual Citizenship


A lot of wealthy Indians have been flying to the Maldives with chartered flights. But it looks like the rich are looking at other greener pastures too. The Caribbean is seeing the likes of the wealthy and has quickly become an option for mitigating risks. Not only that, the rich are seeking to acquire dual citizenship in the Caribbean. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme has been welcoming Indian investors to its shores for several decades now. It enables foreign investors to start a business and contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

Dual Citizenship Can Be Attained In 3 Months
Eligible applicants can gain receipt of citizenship in the Caribbean within three months after and apply for their second passport. Many people from other countries have invested millions into its healthcare sector. Many have also chosen to invest in real estate like hotels and resorts. These options allow investors to build their wealth portfolio. But for several Indians, real estate has been a second home during a crisis like this.

The Nation Is Affordable & Family-Friendly
The Indian passport grants its holders entry to roughly 61 destinations. But the Citizenship by Investment Programme gives the Indian national better access to travel and business opportunities. Besides, Dominica has consistently ranked as the world’s best offering for second citizenship. The nation is affordable as well as family-friendly. These Luxury Resorts In Jamaica And Mexico Are Offering Free Stay To Travellers Who Test Positive.

India is witnessing an exodus of its millionaire class and in such uncertain times, second citizenship provides the ultimate safety net.