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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Airbnb Listings Will Now Show WiFi Speeds

If “working from home” means “working from an Airbnb,” you’d better hope the rental host has a good WiFi setup.

With the new changes to Airbnb’s listings, you’ll no longer have to guess about what type of Internet connection you’ll have.

Airbnb announced plans on Thursday to include a section that will showcase WiFi speed and quality on its rental listings before you book.
Now hosts can fill out a WiFi speed test in the app. Using M-Lab’s download and upload speed checker, Airbnb tests the connection through the host’s mobile device. Initially, the new feature will be rolled out in the United States before going global a few weeks later.

The WiFi information added by hosts will appear on the Airbnb app as part of the rental description.

Before, hosts could manually post screenshots of their listing’s upload and download speeds. Despite the built-in feature, not every listing will provide this information. This is a great change for guests, especially those working remotely while traveling or living away from home, as checking on internet strength has been a hassle and factor in selecting and booking a hotel.

In Airbnb’s new WiFi check, it will tell you how fast (or slow) the connection is, but if you want to understand the numbers for download and upload speed

What’s our next Airbnb feature request? Detailed information on charging stations, outlets, or home setups for electric vehicles.

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