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Airbnb Rolls Out New Search Feature To Make Travel And Bookings More Flexible

Booking a quaint stay, which is closer to some attractions and yet fits the price- is quite a task. And if you are someone who prefers B&Bs over hotels and hostels, then we are sure you would want your stay to be nothing but perfect. Now, to make that experience hassle-free and good, Airbnb has launched a new feature. Here’s everything you must know.

Airbnb’s Flexible Search Option Will Make Booking Simpler
Airbnb now has a flexible destinations option which will now, let users broaden their search parameters for discovering news places. The flexible destinations options will allow users to look for unique properties, prioritizing a nice place to stay, and the flexible matching option will suggest similar listings that fall just outside a traveller’s search.

Flexible Date Option Will Let Travellers Choose Properties For Months, Instead Of Putting Specific Dates
The flexible date option, which Airbnb started offering in February, will let travellers search for accommodations for a week and a month instead of setting specific dates. On this, Airbnb, in a statement, said,

“We are observing three fundamental shifts in travel as people become less tethered and more flexible. People can travel anytime, they are traveling to more places and they are staying longer. The lines between travel, living and working are blurring and we are upgrading our service to make it easier for people to integrate travel into their lives.”

Besides this, the company is also adding new filters to searches so that customers can look for a fun point of interests while making the booking. Well, with these new search filters, booking an Airbnb will become much simpler!

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