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Alexandria Nightlife: 5 Best Places To Have A Crazy Night Experience!

Alexandria is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It stands as the personification of grandeur and bliss and offers amazing experiences. There is a lot to witness in this magnificent city, but what makes it special is Alexandria nightlife. Though the city shuts down early, it still has a lot of spots where you can let loose!

Alexandria Nightlife: 5 Best Places

Here is a list of the best places to visit for witnessing Alexandria nightlife. Take a look!

  • The San Giovanni Hotel
  • The Cap D’or
  • Selsela Cafe
  • Spitfire
  • Bleu

1. The San Giovanni Hotel

This hotel offers a club where you can witness the best of Alexandria nightlife. The club is visited by local artists as well as world famous stars. It also offers views of the city that will help you enjoy the drinks and food in a unique manner.

Location: 205 El Geish Road, Stanly Bridge, 99999 Alexandria, Egypt

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2. The Cap D’or

This is one of the best bars in Alexandria that offers freshly brewed beers. It is also one of the oldest bars where you will feel the old world charm of the city. To make friends with the people of Alexandria, you must visit this place!

Location: Adib Bek Ashak, EL MANSHEYA، Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

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3. Selsela Cafe

Selsela cafe is yet another place to witness the best of Alexandria nightlife. The cafe is known for its coffee and shisha. While sipping your coffee you can enjoy the sound of the waves.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

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4. Spitfire

This is one of the most popular and oldest bars in the town. It is run by a family for many years and offers sumptuous food and great drinks.

Location: Al Mesallah Gharb WA Sharif Basha, Qism El-Mansheya, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

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5. Bleu

One of the contemporary bars in Alexandria, you will find many tourists enjoying shisha here. This is one of the coolest places to have fun and entertainment in Alexandria.

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

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So, these places are some of the best spots where you can witness the nightlife of Alexandria. Aren’t you all excited to visit them? Plan a trip to Egypt and lift your spirits like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions About Alexandria Nightlife

What is Alexandria known for?

The great lighthouse of Alexandria finds its place among the seven wonders of the ancient world. Known for its antiquity, Alexandria is famous as the land of the Pharos and still home to a number of prominent temples and historic monument for ancient times.

When is the best time to visit Alexandria?

The spring season of March to June and Autumn months of September to November is considered to be the perfect time to visit Alexandria as the weather during this time is dry and pleasant.

What is there to do in Alexandria?

Some of the best things to do in Alexandria are:
1. Visit the ancient library Bibliotheca Alexandrina
2. Go diving
3. Enjoy fun Entertainments At Teatro Eskandariya
4. Visit the Mesmerizing Waterfalls Of Corniche
5. Learn about the history at Alexandria National Museum

Does Alexandria have a good nightlife?

If you are a night owl and looking for fun places in Alexandria, then this city won’t disappoint you. With its line up of amazing live music and non-stop entertainment, you will find a lot to look forward to in Alexandria.

Which area is the best to enjoy the nightlife in Alexandria?

Virginia which is located just a couple of minutes away from Washington, D.C. is a place to go to for a sizzling night in Alexandria. From jazz music to karaoke, from live performances to in-line dancing, all await you in Alexandria.

Is it safe to walk in Alexandria at night?

The streets of Alexandria are full of life even after midnight and people walking on the streets is a common sight even at early hours of the morning and its absolutely safe.

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