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Amazing Facts About Golden Temple That Will Leave You In Awe Of The Sacred Temple!

Even Gautam Buddha Has Meditated At The Golden Temple!
1. Wasn’t Constructed With Gold When It Was First Built

The temple was built in the year 1604 and known as Harminder Sahib, which was later destroyed by Islamic rulers. In 1762, they rebuilt the entire temple upon the initiative of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a Sikh ruler who helped to rebuilt the temple and added a layer of pure 24-karat of gold weighing around 500 kg and worth ₹130 crores. Woah, pretty cool right? If you probably don’t know this, now you do!

Soon after that the famous previously referred to as Harmindar Sahib is now known as the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

2. The Famous ‘Sacred Pond’ Has Healing Medicinal Properties

Many people claim that the pond inside the Golden Temple known as the Amrit Sarovar heals many people of their personal wound and not just that, but also believed to have medicinal properties. So, devotees head to the Sarovar and offer prayers at the temple, and believe that the water possesses spiritual energies and natural cleansing properties.

We’re definitely going there to heal some of our past wounds for sure!

3. More Annual Visitors Than The Taj Mahal

This is a fact which left us in complete awe, the fact that the Taj Mahal is the 8th wonder of the world and that people and foreigners would still want to head to the famous Golden Temple instead is something absolutely amazing! I mean, who can blame them for wanting to visit a temple that’s been covered with full pure 24-karat of gold. The temple receives about 1 lakh people in just a day and that is not at all surprising for them, and over 3 million in just a month. It even ranked higher than the Taj Mahal on BBC”s list of places you should go to before you die.

4. Even Gautam Buddha Has Meditated At The Golden Temple

Now, this is the most striking fact about the temple we bet no one knew about, as the historical records that the Buddha has in fact made a tour to the sacred temple. Wherein, he even meditated with some of the sadhus and saints, it was right about near an ancient lake which was then covered by dense woods.

Well, now we know why the temple is a pioneer for bringing ‘peace’ when you fully explore the temple and sit and meditate their just like Buddha did!

5. They Have Four Entrance Which Indicates Entry To All Kinds Of People

Many temples and religious institutions in India have been known to not give entry to a certain type of people, with respect to their castes, classes, etc. But, not the Golden temple, in fact, they designed it particularly with four entrances which signify and welcome people from many walks of life, irrespective of their castes, religions, class, gender, creed, etc.

The stats reveal that 35 percent of the pilgrims who visit the temple are in fact non-Sikhs, which is just amazing!

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