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Bruges In Winter 2021: A Detailed Guide For A Soul-Satisfying Holiday

Bruges is the capital and the largest city of West Flanders in Belgium. It has been known as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2000. The beautiful canals are the reason it is often called the “Venice of the North”. The city has some spectacular views which attract tourists from all over the globe towards this beautiful city. You instantly fall in love with the place once you see the historical structures and monuments of Bruges. The atmosphere of the city is warm and friendly and the shops, restaurants and cafes are crowded and busy.

Whenever you think of Bruges, several amazing things come to your minds such as landscape painting of cobbled street, windmills, church house, and chocolate box houses. If you’re planning to travel in winter, Bruges is the best place to spend the vacations. Visiting Bruges in winter with your family will surely give you some memorable moments which you will cherish in the years to come. Bruges has preserved medieval architecture in an amazing manner.

Weather In Bruges In Winter


Although, Bruges is a beautiful city and visiting it in any season is just awesome but when it comes to winters, Burges becomes a paradise. If you are in Bruges in winters, don’t just sit inside the blanket but explore the city and fall in love with the snow-filled roads. The temperature around Christmas is just around freezing and it is extremely cold. If you are planning to visit Bruges in early December, it is probably the best time as it is comparatively warm as you’ll find various exciting things to do in Bruges during this time.

Winter Festivals In Bruges


From carnivals to music festivals, Bruges, Belgium is a home to some of the biggest festivals in the world. Especially during the winters at the time of Christmas, there are a lot of celebrations held and you surely should witness them. Most of the markets and festivals in Bruges start in late November and ends in early January. Now take a look at what to do in Bruges in winter other than festivals for a truly memorable holiday experience.

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Things To Do In Bruges In Winter

Here is a list of the best things to do in Bruges in winter for a heartwarming holiday. Take a look at all that you can do in Bruges in the winter season with your friends and family and craft your itinerary accordingly.

  • Market Square: Take A Romantic Carriage Ride
  • Savour Bruges Chocolates
  • Minne Water Park: Enjoy Rides And Slides
  • Groeninge Museum: Witness The Ancient Masterpieces
  • Bell Tower: Enjoy 360-Degree Views Of The City
  • Be Part Of Festival Celebrations
  • Restaurants And Bars: Indulge In Belgian Food & Beer
  • Basilica Of The Holy Blood: Explore It All
  • Christmas Market: Eat Plum Cakes & Grab Festive Decor
  • Lake Of Love: Feed The Birds
  • Canals Of Bruges: Cruise Through The City
  • Bruges Markets: Buy Lace And Antiques
  1. Market Square: Take A Romantic Carriage Ride


The market square in Bruges is really iconic and also the continuous parade of horses pulling carriages, but, if you are lucky you may also see the other animals pulling the carriage and the most beautiful view is world’s best pug puppy wearing a cute Santa outfit. He looks very adorable and freaking. You can spend some quality time with your loved one by taking the ride of carriage. It costs somewhere around 39 euro for a 30 minutes carriage ride to see the city.

Location: Dienst vergunningen, Walweinstraat 20 – 8000 Brugge

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  1. Savour Bruges Chocolates


Eat as much as the chocolate you want to eat in Bruges. This is one of the most romantic things which you can do in Bruges. Fill your face with Belgian chocolate and feel the air of Bruges, here are some shops from where you can purchase the chocolates (Olivier’s, Dumon, The old chocolate house, etc.).

Getting involved in chocolate is something which will make you feel like heaven, the same as watching pug in Santa outfit. If you are in search of a romantic place in Bruges the old chocolate house is the most romantic place for having hot chocolate you can simply select the chocolate of your choice from the epic menu and enjoy the giant mug of hot chocolate you have ever enjoyed in your life.

Location: Olivier’s- Sint- Amandsstraat 14, 1800, Brugge, Belgium

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  1. Minne Water Park: Enjoy Rides And Slides


This place is like a paradise on earth and is also called a “Lake of lovers”. You can see thousands of swans here. This lover bridge has its own story and the story says that beautiful Minna who fell in love with neighbouring tribe but her father did not agree and set up an arranged marriage for her. So, Minna ran into the forest and till the time her lover found her she was about to die. That’s why this Minne water Park is known for its romantic legend and doomed love story. Overall you will be in love forever if you will walk around this bridge.

Location: Minnewater, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

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  1. Groeninge Museum: Witness The Ancient Masterpieces


If you are in Bruges, make sure to visit the Groeninge Museum as it is filled with exceptional masterpieces from the 18th and 19th century. The museum is located in the district of Groeninge and it was designed by the famous architect Joseph Vierin. It is situated at a very convenient location and is very near to the various hotels, hostels, and resorts in Bruges, which is why you won’t have any problem getting to it. It is absolutely a wonderful place to visit with your family as it provides a beautiful overview of Belgian Visual art. The mesmerising collection of Flemish expressionists also deserves attention. There are some prestigious temporary exhibitions that are regularly held here and if you are lucky, you will get to see it.

Location: Dijver 12, Bruges

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  1. Bell Tower: Enjoy 360-Degree Views Of The City


This place is dominated by the 12-century bell tower of the Bruges. Climbing 366 steps to the top of the belfry is really hard but the reward is 360-degree views of the city. Lace is one of the specialities of Bruges and the city has upto 80 shops of lace but be careful as some shops sell lace of China so select the authentic Belgian lace. You can come with your friends and family to have a 360-degree view of the city from this tower.

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  1. Be Part Of Festival Celebrations


This festival season is fixed from late November to early January. The entrance fee is 6 euro per person. You can shop at the market stalls for the Belgian chocolate and handmade decorations. Ice sculpture festival which is held annually is also a good festival to enjoy this festival held in the Railway Station Square between November to January but make sure to carry some winter warmers as the temperature inside the exhibition may be constant at -6 degree Celsius. You can also see Christmas market goodness at nearby Simon Steven Square which is one of the best places to visit in Bruges during the Christmas week.

Location: Market Square, Bruges

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  1. Restaurants And Bars: Indulge In Belgian Food & Beer


There are various options for food lovers such as Den Dyver, and chocolate lovers may head to Place du Grand Sablon. Bar Choc in the Zilverpand shopping courtyard is also very much famous for chocolate because here you will find 44 different kinds of hot and cold chocolates. If you are searching for beer Brugse Zot is one to try. It is considered as cities one of the best beer in Bruges. T Brugs Beertje is a bar to visit and you will find every beer which you may think of. So, if you wish to enjoy the nightlife in Bruges during your stay, make note of these famous places for food and beer.

Location: Dijver 5, 8000, Brugge, Belgium.

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  1. Basilica Of The Holy Blood: Explore It All


It is a Roman Catholic basilica in Bruges and it consists of a lower and upper chapel. The lower chapel is dedicated to St. Basil the great which is a dark structure that remains unchanged. Originally it was constructed in Romanesque style like the St. Basil chapel; the upper chapel was transformed in Gothic style at the end of the 15 century and again in 1823. This holy blood church comes under the best-preserved churches in the Romanesque style of West- Flanders. During the first half of the 13 century, the name of the upper chapel was changed to the “Basilica of the holy blood”.

Location: Burg, 13, 8000, Brugge, Belgium.

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  1. Christmas Market: Eat Plum Cakes & Grab Festive Decor


With the coming of winter, Christmas also kicks in and it is the best time to visit the Christmas markets that are beautiful and crowded. You can stroll the markets, witness the charm, buy chocolates, eat sausages and much more.

Dates: 25th Nov – 31st Dec

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  1. Lake Of Love: Feed The Birds


There are many swans at the lake of love and feeding these beautiful and cute creatures is one of the best things to do in Bruges in winters. The lake is located near the Minne water park. You can also click good pictures that you will cherish forever.

Location: Bruges 8000, Belgium

  1. Canals Of Bruges: Cruise Through The City


The magical town of Bruges is well connected by canals. The best way to marvel at these canals is to cruise through them and adore the waters. You can take a cruise from Burg Central plaza and enjoy cruising which is still one of the top things to do there.

  1. Bruges Markets: Buy Lace And Antiques


Any holiday is incomplete without going shopping! And Bruges is no less and has many options to shop from. You can go to the winter markets for shopping in Bruges. It is known for lace and antiques. The shops are also very pretty and will give you a heartwarming experience.

Where to buy: Lace Jewel, T’ Apostelientje

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If you are planning a trip to winters, Bruges, Belgium is a one-stop destination for your trip with family and friends. There is so much to do and experience in this city that you will love every bit of it. So, plan a trip to Belgium, head to Bruges in winter and keep this handy guide with you!

It does snow a little in Bruges in December as the temperature is very low. And that makes visiting Bruges in winter a great experience.

Is there a Christmas market in Bruges?

Yes, there is a Christmas market in Bruges from the last week of November till the beginning of January.

What clothes to wear in Bruges in December?

You should wear very warm clothes like jackets, gloves, caps in Bruges in December.

What is there to do in Bruges in December?

Some of the top things to do in Bruges in December are:

1. Shop at the Christmas markets

2. Go ice skating at Grote Square

3. Visit the Burg Square to enjoy the Christmas vibes

What is the best time to visit Bruges?

Other than Christmas May to October is a great time to visit Bruges.

How many days are good to explore Bruges?

1-2 days are good to explore the city of Bruges.

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