By Taking This Rail Route, You Can Take 12 Instead Of 15 Hours To Travel From Mumbai To Delhi


Several infrastructural developments have taken place in India. The Atal Rohtang tunnel attracted many visitors from across the country, and Ayodhya is a wonder in the making. Rajdhani Express covers Mumbai to Delhi in 15 hours. Rajdhani Express is expected to reduce the travel time to 12 hours. There have been a slew of infrastructure improvements, including strengthening railway tracks, building compound walls, and fitting trains with anti-collision systems to prevent accidents. With the new infrastructure, Rajdhani will run at 160km/hour.

With the upcoming Greenfield Expressway, which will also be the longest road in the country, the distance between Delhi and Mumbai will drastically reduce by 220Km.

Mumbai-Delhi expressway to launch by 2022

It Will Is An Eight-Lane Highway

Mumbai-Delhi Expressway will span 1,275 km. It will be an eight-lane highway with the potential to be upgraded to 12-lanes in the future. The highway will also allow vehicles to travel at a speed of 120 kph. Although the annual plan for national highway works in Maharashtra was approved for *2,727 crores, the project is now expected to cost *5801 crores.

The Expressway Will Have A Network Of Side Amenities

This expressway is more than just a highway. A 75-way side amenities network is planned on either side of the expressways at an interval of 50 kilometers. In addition, five major bridges and ten small bridges will be reconstructed for ₹429 crores. Soon The New Expressway From Delhi Will Make You Reach Dehradun In Just 2.5 Hours!

The Delhi-Mumbai Greenfield Expressway is expected to be completed by March 2024.