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Can You Travel From Mumbai To Pune During Curfew Hours? All You Need To Know!

To curb the spread of COVID-19 in Maharashtra, the Government has announced new restrictions. The government has imposed night curfews and weekend lockdowns throughout the state. But the curfew has created a lot of confusion between travellers and travel agencies. Are you wondering if you can travel within the state during curfew hours? Can you travel from Mumbai to Pune at night? Here’s all you need to know.

No Travel Restrictions On Private Vehicles Moving Out Of The City
There are no travel restrictions for people moving out of the district or state in private vehicles. So if you have to travel from Mumbai to Pune during curfew hours, you can do so. However, intra-district state transport buses would ply. Goods transport and agriculture-related services will also be allowed to run.

Flight, Rail Or Road Passengers Can Travel During Curfew Hours
Passengers travelling by flight, rail or road and have booked tickets well in advance will also be allowed to travel despite the curfew and the lockdown. So, you need not worry if your arrival or departure timings clash with the curfew timings. Cab services are also allowed during the curfew timings.

However, all travellers must follow Covid-appropriate behaviour while doing travelling. Wearing masks even inside the vehicle is mandatory.

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