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Christmas In Poland: Top 10 Places To Visit Before The 2020 Vacation Ends

Poland is mainly a Catholic nation and so Christmas in Poland is also celebrated on 25th of December, just like in other Western countries. The celebrations are carried out in both a public and family setting. In the case of the former, visitors can enjoy the beautiful and lush Christmas trees which are set up in town squares. Advent in Poland begins from a period of four Sundays, even before Christmas begins; it is carried out with special church services and prayers. Christmas in Poland involves having a lavish feast on the Christmas Eve, or what is called Wigilia. The traditional Poland Christmas food consists of a full 12 dishes, each signifying an apostle. The dishes are usually meatless, but fish is exempt. Before sitting down to eat, the holy wafer is broken and everyone eats a piece.

Christmas In Poland 2020: Top 10 Places To Visit

A lot of superstitions also mark Christmas in Poland, like the fact that animals are able to speak of this night or that placing a straw mat under the table brings good luck. You will be able to see it all on your holiday here in the following places. Say Merry Christmas in Poland this time!

  • Gdańsk
  • Torun Christmas Market
  • Karpacz
  • Zakopane
  • Warszawa
  • Poznań
  • Giżycko
  • Białowieża
  • Kraków
  • Wroclaw Christmas Market

1. Gdańsk

This is the most influential seaport in the nation and its architecture is just awe-inspiring. It is full of an amazing old town that is just full of buildings and houses. The one thing one cannot miss while here is the Christmas market held at Targ Weglowy to meet the town’s own polish Santa Claus. For some action, you can try out the ice skating rink and take a stroll around the town to see the Christmas tree displays hung on them.

Where to stay: Qubus Hotel Gdańsk- free river cruises, upscale lodging; Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk- bar, dining, upscale lodging

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2. Torun Christmas Market

Christmas in Poland, especially in Torun is a thing to behold, even if it’s not as large as some of the other cities. But what Torun lacks in size, it makes up in beauty with its medieval charm which simply gets enhanced when the Christmas decorations are put up. Known for its gingerbread, if you are in the place, do check out the small but beautiful Christmas market scene going on and then grab onto a mug of hot mulled wine as you chat with the locals and engage in the holiday spirits.

Where to stay: Copernicus Toruń Hotel- Free Wi-Fi, Mercure Toruń Centrum- Free Wi-Fi

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3. Karpacz

Karpacz is the place for winter sports and thrills enthusiasts, as it offers a broad range of winter activities. Situated right in the Karkonosze Mountains, this place is the ideal place to deep dive into the adrenaline pumping world of cross-country skiing as well as ski touring. But that’s not all there is, as, in an apparent contrast, there is also a 19th-century medieval church called Wang Chapel which was brought from Scandinavia. It is a stunning example of the beauty of Romanesque architecture. Something not worth missing!

Where to stay: Mercure Karpacz Resort- Free Wi-Fi; Hotel Gołębiewski w Karpacz- Free Wi-Fi
Special Events: Country skiing, Ski touring

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4. Zakopane

Situated right at the foot of the looming Tatra Mountains, Zakopane is a famous mountain resort in here. There is something magical in this place as the rooftops and streets shine with snow. It’s an incredible place to head to for celebrating Christmas holiday in Poland. If you want to enjoy Christmas activities in Poland, then this is the city to head to as there are excellent hiking trails and ski slopes for people to try out in here.

Where to stay: Hotel Nosal- Free Wi-Fi; ARIES Hotel & SPA- Free Wi-Fi
Special Events: Hiking, Skiing

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5. Warszawa

If you are wondering about where to spend Christmas in Poland, then, without doubt, anyone would recommend you to try out the magical city of Warszawa. It offers its visitors an abundance of things to do in the cold. We would say that instead of using any form of transport, just strolling and walk around town during Christmas so as to see the beautiful lights hung around. Make sure to pass through Old Town though there you will be able to meet Santa.

Where to stay: Warsaw Marriott Hotel- Free Wi-Fi; Novotel Warszawa Centrum- Free Wi-Fi

6. Poznań

This is an amazing winter wonderland and the main square over here is just an amazing place where the Christmas market is held. The whole square is decked out on beautiful lights. The market features the performance of a Nativity scene as well as the International Ice Sculpture Competition. Ever wondered, what happened to the ice sculptures after all the competitions are over? Well, over here the art is left to melt.

Where to stay: Sheraton Poznan Hotel- Free Wi-Fi; Mercure Poznań Centrum- Free Wi-Fi
Special Events: Nativity enactments, Christmas market.

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7. Giżycko

This is a really popular yachting resort of this nation. This holiday destination is located right between two huge lakes which have navigable connections to other water bodies that surround it. Also deemed as the sailing capital of Poland, Giżycko is becoming a land of beautifully frozen lakes, which is earning it a solid reputation of a winter wonderland. Moreover, it is becoming known for its ice boating in the winters too. So if you want to get away from the usual Christmas festivities and feel the thrill of launching yourself in the air then head on over here.

Where to stay: Hotel St. Bruno- Free Wi-Fi; Hotel Giżycko- free breakfast
Special Events: Iceboating, Yachting

8. Białowieża

The forests of Białowieża are actually the last surviving primeval forest in the whole of lowland Europe. For this purpose, the age, diversity and the natural structure are recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site and a biosphere reserve. As one can expect, the place calls like a siren to visitors and this is an amazing destination to have thrill-inducing experiences as with bison tracking during these winter months. You will love searching for these huge Christmas reindeers in the clear snow.

Where to stay: Hotel Żubrówka Białowieża- pool, upscale lodgings; Hotel Białowieski- sauna, pool
Special Events: bison tracking

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9. Kraków

One of the most dazzling and stunning cities in the continent for sure, Christmas in Poland while in this town offer up a lot of possibilities for its visitors. The Christmas market over on Market Square shows off a whole range of Christmas merchandise which included things like hand-painted bubbles, tree decorations for Christmas, various decorative articles and Christmas attires like souvenirs, ceramic, cloth goods, calendars and postcards among other varieties. A truly global meeting ground since the place attracts people from all over the globe.

Where to stay: Holiday Inn Krakow City Centre- Free Wi-Fi; Novotel Krakow Centrum- Free Wi-Fi
Special Events: Christmas market

10. Wroclaw Christmas Market

Held at Wroclaw’s Old Town which is amongst its historic sights, the market dates back centuries, to the 16th century. As such the market with its fairytale forest is marked by a bunch of fairy tales themed acts taking place each year. It is a thing most well-liked and enjoyed by children. Of course, with the gradual increase in the popularity of holiday markets more people flock in here, which in turn makes more vendors sell their wares and treats. It’s a place perfect for those looking to enjoy the festival but in some solace.

Where to stay: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Wroclaw- pool, dining, modern lodging; Radisson Blu- sauna, dining, retro rooms.
Special event: Christmas market, fairytale performance.

Christmas Tradition In Poland

The most popular ritual for Christmas celebration in Poland is Christmas Eve Supper. A formal meal is served in  majority of the homes with a white table cloth. People exchange presents and there are many Christmas tradition related to the festival including carol singing, singing of melodious seasonal songs. Decoration of Christmas tree is also an important and fun activity done shortly before Christmas. The decorations include home made ornaments, candles, garlands and more.

The Eve day is a day of fasting followed by a delicious dinner consisting of 12 traditional dishes. Just before the dinner, family shares wafer and wishes good luck to each other. Gift giving is following post Christmas dinner which are placed under Christmas tree.

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Christmas is a beautiful occasion that is celebrated with much love and care over here. People are religious as well as hospitable which makes the trip to Poland even more worthwhile and with its bison tracking, to skiing and Christmas markets there’s a lot to do in this beautiful snowy land.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas In Poland

What are some Christmas traditions in Poland?Advent Celebrations, Midnight Mass are some of the traditions of Poland.
What is Santa Claus called in Poland?Mikolaj is the name of Santa Claus in Poland.
What is a Polish Christmas dinner?Wigilia Recipes, Polish Mushroom soup, Fish in Aspic, are some of the dishes of a Polish christmas dinner.
What is the most important holiday in Poland?Catholic Christmas is the most important holiday in Poland.
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