COVID-19 Passport: 7 European Nations That Are Ready For Vaccinated Travellers

Europe had recently announced that it will open its borders for vaccinated tourists making summer travel possible. The European Union is now issuing a digital travel pass as proof of the coronavirus vaccination status. The pass will allow travellers to move freely within the European Nations. Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia, and Poland have started issuing the first EU COVID-19 travel certificates, while certain other countries have decided to launch the document only when all functions are deployed nationwide.

More Countries To Join The System In Coming Days
EU Commission stated in a press release that more countries will join the system in the coming days and weeks. “Today, the EU Digital COVID Certificate has reached another important milestone with the go-live of the technical system at EU level, which allows verifying certificates in a secure and privacy-friendly way,” said the press release

The EU Commission Will Provide Technical & Financial Support To Nations
They have set up a gateway for two months which will serve as a verification tool for the EU COVID-19 certificates. The regulation is set to be applied in a month from July 1. Once the regulation comes into force, there will be a phasing-in period of six weeks after which the Member States will start issuing the certificates. The European Commission will provide technical and financial support to the Member States in this regard.

The Travel Pass Will Allow Restriction-Free Travel Within Europe
The travel pass would be called ‘Green Certificates’ that would allow restriction-free travel within the EU ahead of what seems like a busy summer tourist season. EU will soon issue a unified European digital COVID certificate that will be applicable all across Europe and will massively simplify cross-border traveling as well as prevent contradictory national procedures.

The Travel Pass Will Be A QR Code That You Can Use Across EU
So basically, the travel pass will be a QR Code that will be downloaded on your smartphone or printed on paper. With the digital health travel pass, nations will be able to drop additional testing and quarantine rules and other such unnecessary measures. This pass will help restart free movement within Europe as safely as possible. According to reports, France, Malta, and the Netherlands will be the first nations to try this digital travel health pass scheme.

To apply for a vaccine passport, you need to get the vaccine first. Did you get yours yet?