Dalhaousie & Chamba In Himachal To Host A 3-Day Paragliding & Dragon Boat Festival For The Adventure Lovers


Do you wish to break out of the monotony of the lockdown? Are you dreaming of the picture-perfect mountains and the lush green valleys? Well, if that’s what you are craving for, we have good news for you. Himachal Pradesh will soon host a three-day paragliding and dragon boat festival at Dalhousie and Chamba. Himachal is planning to organise many such festivities after the COVID-19 lockdown to boost tourism and entice visitors to the region.

The Festivals Will Take Place In October
While they will hold the three-day dragon festival in Chamera Lake at Taleru, the paragliding festival will be held in Khajjiar near Dalhousie. The festivals will take place in October and they will soon finalise a few spots for the paragliding events. These initiatives aim to increase the footfall of tourists and revive the enthusiasm among adventure seekers and nature lovers. These events will also help increase the local job opportunities and support the local economy.

The 3-Day Festival Will Create Many Job Opportunities
The three-day festivals will create several job opportunities for the tourist guides and the local artisans. The district administration has also drafted a plan of action to preserve the arts and crafts of Chamba. Since many families in Chamba earn their livelihood from Chamba chappal, handkerchiefs, miniature paintings, sculpture, wood art and Chamba ‘thal’, the government is taking steps to strengthen their economy.

The business of tourism including the local craftsmen and artisan are reeling under huge losses due to the COVID pandemic. While Himachal will now permit tourists without any RT-PCR test, travel will be without restrictions for those who have already received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.