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Do you get bored with Munnar and Ooty?

Whether you’re thinking of escaping to the hills or the same old Munnar plans, consider Kanthalloor, a lesser-known town that’s worth a mention for its picturesque beauty and expansive farms.

Tempted to head to the hills but tired of the same old options like Ooty and Munnar? We have located the perfect destination for you, seeing how the pandemic has led us to seek out lesser known places and less crowded. A little town called Kanthalloor is tucked away in the hilly terrain around 50 kilometers from Munnar. This spot offers alternating temperatures between pleasantly cool (in summer) and very cold (in winter), so it’s great for a getaway when you want to get away from the touristy crowds and cliché places.

Its year-round lovely weather means we’d be happy snuggling in bed or enjoying a hot cup of tea. When you’ve got sightseeing on your mind, you will find a great deal to check out. There are many places worth seeing in the forests, including the cave temple dedicated to Sri Rama and the Keezhanthoor Waterfalls. Dolmens or ancient burial sites are located at Anakottapara Park (about a few kilometers away) in the Muniyara area. They are believed to date back thousands of years. Featuring the same vague resemblances as Stonehenge, and with peaceful surroundings, this place will captivate you. We think it is a wonderful place to visit in the evening or late afternoon.

During your stay in the small town, you can stay at many homestays. You may want to stay at a farm stay where you can relax in the midst of lush surroundings on an old-fashioned farm. Kanthalloor is famous for its fruit orchards (hailed as the only apple-growing area in South India), vegetable farms and terrace farms. Consider adding farm visits and leisurely strolls to your itinerary while here. Don’t forget to stop at the Jaggery Making Centre on your way back where you can watch the process and even score some flavored jaggery! Let’s go on a weekend getaway!

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