Gadkari Reveals That The National Highway Network Will Expand Rapidly.


The Indian government is working toward the development of a national highway network of 2 lakh kilometers by 2025, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has said.

While addressing an event on Sunday, Gadkari said the above and added that the Centre is developing 22 greenfield access control expressways to reduce travel time.

He was speaking about the role of infrastructure development in realizing India’s $5 trillion economy goal and said that besides cutting down travel time and fuel cost, highways also help in the economic development of a region.

Multi-modal connectivity will enable the seamless movement of people, goods, and services from one mode of transportation to another.

In addition to discussing the expansion of the national highway network in India, the Union Minister stated that the Centre wants to reduce logistics costs from 14-16 percent of GDP to 10 percent.

“It (cost of logistics in GDP) is 8-10 percent in China and 12 percent in European countries. If we bring this down to 10-12 percent in India, we can compete well in the international market,” Gadkari stated.

Gadkari is also looking to raise the speed limit on national expressways from 120 km/hr to 140 km/hr, since expressways in India are currently being constructed to ensure safety and to prevent animals from entering them.