Is Travel Safe For Fully Vaccinated People? All You Need To Know

Many countries are opening up to vaccinated travellers. While this comes as a great piece of news, does your life change if you have received both the doses of coronavirus vaccine? Can travelling be a safe activity? And can you do away with all the masks and social distancing? Here’s everything you need to know about dos and don’ts for vaccinated travellers.

CDC To Release New Travel Guidelines For Vaccinated Travellers
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are expected to release guidelines detailing how you can safely alter your behavior once you are fully vaccinated. However, the rules for vaccinated travellers are not going to be that easy as vaccinated people too can pass on the virus. Plus now there is also the threat of contagious variants that can evade vaccine protection. That said, many studies have found that vaccines can reduce coronavirus transmission.

Dos And Don’ts For Fully Vaccinated Travellers
But what about domestic travel? Can it be safe? Public health experts have cautioned that vaccinated travellers should continue to wear masks and maintain a safe distance in public. But here are the dos and don’ts for vaccinated travellers.

  • A good dining experience is a quintessential part of any kind of travel. Experts believe that dining indoors or outdoors can be a safe activity.
  • The CDC has asked to avoid any kind of gatherings in tourist places. So, if you are going out for sightseeing, be sure that you choose a slot when the crowd is relatively less. Early mornings are a great time to explore any destination.
  • Many places have opened up for vaccinated travellers only. Interactions between people who are fully vaccinated are relatively low-risk for all parties. That said, you must be cautious and stay vigilant about risk while you interact with others during your travels.
  • Are you wondering if you can travel with others on tourist buses? Experts say that if you have taken both the doses of vaccine, you could safely gather indoors in small groups. The new CDC guidelines will say that vaccinated people can host small gatherings with other fully vaccinated people.

In general, experts say it should be fine for vaccinated people to travel within the country.