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Maldives Surfing: A Handy Guide To Enjoy This Fascinating Activity In 2021!

Surrounded by azure pristine clear water and vibrant coloured reefs, Maldives is a spectacular island to visit. Offering unbeatable beaches, unmatched luxury and exotic underwater species make Maldives a must-visit location. Hugely popular for the exotic islands and enthralling blue water, the island is majorly dominated by a large number of water sports that are enjoyed here largely. The country has witnessed a notable change since the last few years that saw the island coming to shape. Surrounded by beautiful water villas and palm groves, the postcard-perfect amalgamation of the country is a heaven on Earth. Among various other adventure sports, surfing is one of the most popular ones that draw innumerable water enthusiasts each year to the island to experience the breathtaking moment. To give you a better understanding, let us explore some of the best surfing spots in Maldives.

Best Time To Do Surfing In Maldives

Maldives waves are considered to be extremely powerful and make it the perfect trip for intermediate along with advanced surfers. The ideal surfing season although it depends on the Atolls, however, most of the archipelago is ideal for surfing from the months of April to October, and March to November is also ideal for having the best weather. The surf season starts from late February and continues till mid-November with the best waves approaching during the months of March to May, and again in the months of September to November.

Best Surfing Spots In Maldives

1. The Male Atoll

The Male Atolls have been highly popular with the surfers for a long time now, especially due to the multiple arenas of spots that stay fairly consistent. This is majorly due to the prime summer months when the south swells are usually found to be abundant. The spot was originally discovered by the shipwrecked surfers in the year 1970 and tends to attract the crowd due to the pure and clean waves. The surfing destination can also be accessed easily from the Male International Airport. Divided into North Male Atoll and South Male Atoll, both of the spots tend to attract bigger crowds.

Location: Male Atoll
Cost: MVR12,910

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2. Lohi’s

Lohi has derived its name from the island resort of Lohifushi and boasts a strong left-hand wave that stays consistent over time. Breaking into two separate sections, it can also form a long wave that barrels across the reef with the swell being big enough. The ideal conditions arise from south-east and winds from the north-west and can also work well with both north-east and north-west winds. The spot also boasts the popular international acclaimed WQS O’Neil Deep Blue.

Location: North Male Atoll
Cost: Starts from $112

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3. Natives/Foxys

This is a fast and hollow right wave that breaks over a shallow coral. Also referred to as the ‘Goofys Paradise’, the destination is well-preferred among surfers who are fast on the backhand. Offering a number of barrel opportunities, the spot breaks for 100 to 150 meters. Best with NW wind and SE swell; the spot offers the best of worlds to the surfers in Maldives. The spot is ideal for those who are fast on the backhand.

Location: Eastern reef of South Male Atoll
Cost: Starts from $111

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4. Chickens

Nestled amidst the uninhabited island of Villinilimathi Huraa, Chickens offers a long left-hand wave that ranges from three to ten feet in size. It also offers two sections that offer easy barrels on the second section of the wave. The spot offers a great time to the surfers where they can enjoy up to 1,600 feet long while enjoying big swell days combined with perfect wind conditions. The name has been derived from the chicken farm located on any of the nearby islands; the surfing spot is perfect for intermediate and experienced surfers.

Location: North Male Atoll
Cost: Starts from $110 onwards

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5. Honky’s

Located in the island called Thaburudhoo, the honkey’s is considered as the best wave of Maldives. When the ideal conditions of surfing are met, it offers a true world-class affair that is true to its kind. Offering a super long and left-hand wave, it can double in the second section. A fast left at 4-feet, the place requires the right swell direction. The Honky’s have emerged as an ideal spot for winter on the North-East wind.

Location: Other side of the reef from Sultans
Cost: Starts from $115

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6. Tsunami’s

Similar to the name, Tsunami is undoubtedly the largest on the left-hand breaks located on the eastern part of Laamu Atoll. Featuring a giant swell angle, it also tends to close out due to the shallow reef where it tends to break. Protected well from the westerly to the northerly winds, the break also offers three spectacular sections offering hollow barrels on both the first and last sections.

Location: Laamu Atoll
Cost: Starts from $115

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7. Tiger Stripes

One among the best waves in Southern Atoll, Tiger Stripes is considered the best and also is known as Rockets, a fun left hander offering long and workable walls along with a smooth tube section located inside which breaks out in the channel. This break is a super consistent one that can be surfed well on all sides. Antiques, a break to the left of Tiger Stripes are a couple of feet smaller and also a lot more forgiving.

Location: Gadhdhoo Raalhugandu
Cost: Starts from $112

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8. Jailbreaks

The spot is also known as Prison Point and is situated on the island of Himmafushi. Having been recently opened up for surfers, the surfing spot has gained a lot of popularity among surfers. The spot offers the perfect right wave which is considerably faster than the other spots. Although it starts slow, however, it gains momentum at a fast speed. This right-hander works a lot better with a big swell and forms a longer wave, however, it is divided into three solid sections. The name has been derived from the historical fact of a prisoner thriving on the island. The jailbreaks are also considered the fastest wave in Maldives consisting of 3 tube sections and long walls.

Location: Himmafushi Island
Cost: $115 per person

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We hope that the article excites the surfer in you to enjoy paradise in the most thrilling manner. Revive the adrenaline rush in yourself and indulge in one of the most thrilling and adventurous water sports, surfing. Book an adventurous holiday on your trip to Maldives and embark on your journey to experience the memorable activity. We assure you a fulfilling and enjoyable experience while enjoying the best of the island.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maldives Surfing

What is the ideal time to visit Maldives?

The ideal time to visit Maldives is during the months of November to April. The island experienced a pleasant climate during this time, with the average temperature being 23-31 degrees Celsius.

What are the common water sports enjoyed in Maldives?

Some of the common water sports enjoyed in Maldives include scuba diving, surfing, jet-skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, fun tube and a few more.

Is surfing practiced in Maldives?

Yes, surfing is practiced in Maldives across a number of spots popular for the sport. It is practiced during the surfing season in Maldives.

What is the ideal surfing season in Maldives?

The surfing season in Maldives usually starts from late February and continues till mid-November. The best waves are seen coming in during the months of March to May.

Can I surf in the monsoon season?

No, it gets difficult to surf during the wet season, instead it is ideal to surf during the dry season, i.e, the months of November to February.

What are the popular surfing spots in Maldives?

Some of the popular surfing spots in Maldives include Chickens, Jailbreaks, Lohi’s, Guru’s, Honky’s, Ninjas and a few more.

What is the cost of surfing in Maldives?

The cost of surfing usually ranges around 145 dollars per day per person; however, it costs around $125 in a group of a minimum of 8 surfers.

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