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Missing Travel? These 7 Netflix Shows Will Take You To Places Across The Globe

Missing travel? Sure you cannot be on the road right now but that doesn’t mean that you will stop exploring. With some of the best travel shows streaming on Netflix, you can have the world at your fingertips. If you are a travel enthusiast, these travel shows by land, air, and sea will fill your hearts with joy. Besides, you can add a lot more destinations to to your bucket list for your post-pandemic travels.

1. The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals
If you have been waiting for that one travel show to binge-watch this season, this show has got you covered. This reality show covers the journey of three budget travellers as they visit vacation rentals around the world. The travellers also share expert tips and tricks on vacationing on a budget. The show will be available on June 18.

2. Summertime
Inspired by Federico Moccia’s novels this romantic Italian series is back for a second season. The series is set on Italy’s gorgeous Adriatic Coast which will leave you in awe. The love story between a street-racing motorcyclist and a woman determined to leave her small town behind to see the world, will keep you engaged till the end.


3. Katla, Season 1
Has Iceland been on your bucket list? If yes, then you must watch this show set in Iceland. Thi Scandinavian sci-fi thriller follows the aftermath of a subglacial volcano eruption, but the locations in the series are to die for.

4. Somebody Feed Phill
This Netflix original follows host Phil Rosenthal as he eats his way through cities like Bangkok, Mexico City, Lisbon New Orleans, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Dublin. The fourth season which will be released in October takes Rosenthal from Rio de Janeiro to the Mississippi Delta and the islands of Hawaii to eat even more delicious grub.

5. Connected
Although Connected is a science show, it gives you major travel inspiration. The show speaks about how the world is interconnected. For instance, how Delaware’s birds can offer clues about the Gulf’s hurricane or how sand from the Sahara impacts the Amazon. Throughout the series, you will follow Nasser as he travels across the world to speak with scientists to find out more.

6. Street Food
This travel show is a guide to some of the world’s best curbside meals and snacks. The first season of the show showcases the street food scene in Asia like Jay Fai from Bangkok’s Raan Jay Fai, a Michelin-starred street stall serving up tom yum soup, and Truoc serving a variety of snail dishes in Ho Chi Minh City. The second season hits Netflix in July and takes you through the streets of Latin America with stops at Doña Vale’s in Oaxaca and Las Chicas de las Tres food stall in Buenos Aires.

7. Our Planet
Netflix will give you that travel fix when you are home arrested, thanks to Our Planet. This docuseries takes armchair travelers from the North American grasslands to the Arctic tundra and deepest parts of the oceans. Once you have binged in all the episodes, switch over to Our Planet: Behind the Scenes to find out how the 600-person crew filmed the series.

If you think we have missed a show, feel free to tell us in the comments.

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