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Pack Your Bags As These 5 Destinations Are Paying You To Move There In 2021

Has the lockdown blues got to you? Do you toss and turn in your bed, craving to break free from it all? How about a change of space, with blue beaches and snowcapped mountains to give you company amid this drab pandemic? Not only can you get a much-needed break, but you can also get paid for it while making your dreams come true. Here are 5 destinations across the world that will pay you to move there in 2021.

1. West Virginia In The USA
West Virginia in the USA has incentivised the new normal, work from home. The city has announced that it will pay everyone $12,000 (₹9,02,418 approx) for moving to West Virginia and working from home there. Apart from this, you can also get one year’s free outdoor recreation worth over $2500 (₹1,88,003 ). To be eligible for this, you must currently work remotely or have the provision to work from home at a business based out of West Virginia or be self-employed outside the state. To know more about this, apply to the Ascend WV remote work program,

2. Chile
Chile welcomes entrepreneurs with fabulous business ideas. So you can give Shark Tank a break and actually move to Chile to start your own company. Start-Up Chile assists entrepreneurs by offering them up to 25 million pesos ( ₹26 lakhs approx). Apart from this business mavericks can get mentoring, workshops for pitching and much more. But you must be ready to move to Chile for this six-month programme. And if you wish to stay longer then you can get a one-year work visa so you can grow your business into a successful endeavour from Chile.

3. Albinen In Switzerland
The hilly Swiss village of Albinen is cosy, rustic and very welcoming. You’d have to see it to believe it. Albinen will offer individuals a hefty amount of money to build a home and live in the charming village for at least 10 years. Nestled three hours away from Geneva and two hours away from the Italian border, Albinen has its very own ski area. If you live in Albinen you’d get a wonderful incentive of 25,000 CHf ( ₹20 lakhs approx) for an individual, 50,000 CHf (₹40 lakhs approx) for a couple and an additional 10,000 CHf (₹8 lakhs approx) per child. So, you can actually get paid to move to this gorgeous Swiss village.

4. Topeka In The USA
The stunning city of Topeka in the USA will pay you a whopping $10,000(₹7 lakhs approx) for rent or $15,000(₹11 lakhs approx) for a home purchase if you move to the city and get a job here. For remote workers, seeking to relocate Topenka offers around ₹7 lakhs for home purchase and ₹3 lakh for rental living costs. Topeka is known for lovely boulevards, charming old buildings and a friendly neighbourhood vibe. The capital city of Kansas houses botanical gardens mesmerising sculptures and much more for history enthusiasts.

5. Ireland
The coastal mountains and rugged forts of Ireland beckon budding entrepreneurs. The breathtaking destination will offer you a hefty sum of money if you’re willing to move there, start a business, employ at least 10 people and rake in millions of dollars. Enterprise Ireland has a programme that shall offer good money to successful applicants. In the year 2018, startups in Ireland received over 174,000 euros(₹1.5 crores approx) to support businesses. Apart from this the initiative also provided office support, business plan assistance and mentorship. So, if you have a great business idea with a global appeal, then why not move to Ireland?

There are options to move to a new city across the globe, apart from being just a tourist. With a drive to explore new cultures, start new businesses, the world is just one flight away.

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