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Snorkelling In Singapore: Top 4 Spots For A Rejuvenating Holiday In 2021

Snorkelling is considered to be one of the most adventurous sports in the world. It is an amazing feeling to look inside the sea life. Taking a break from the monotonous city life is fun in itself. Moreover, indulging in snorkelling in Singapore is all the more exciting due to the tropical weather. The place offers an opportunity to enjoy the vibrant marine life through snorkelling. It will surely provide you with a thrilling experience along with stunning underwater beauty.

Best Time To Snorkel In Singapore

The best time for snorkelling in Singapore is from April to November. The marine habitats are blooming with life during this time giving you the best snorkelling experience. The month from December to March experiences monsoon every year and hence snorkelling is not possible. All the adventure junkies, plan your trip accordingly to Singapore.

What Makes Snorkelling In Singapore Special

Following are the reason why snorkelling in Singapore should be on your itinerary list.

1. Climate In Singapore

The tropical climate in Singapore all year round has made underwater activities like snorkelling a famous sport. The temperature in summer ranges between 26 – 33 degrees Celsius while in winter, it varies between 24 – 32 degrees Celsius. Apart from the time when it rains heavily from December to March, the climate is almost perfect for an underwater snorkelling experience.

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2. Singapore Aquarium Snorkelling

The facility of snorkelling in the aquarium has made this place one of the popular destinations for this famous underwater activity. Some places in Singapore like the Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa Island provides divers with an experience of underwater by snorkelling in an aquarium. It is perfect for beginners who are too scared to dive deep into the unknown. For them, an aquarium is just the right option.

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3. Diving Courses In Singapore

Singapore has some of the best institutes that teach snorkelling both for recreational as well as professional diving. This instils the confidence in you once you are trained underwater here to snorkel without fear almost everywhere. OrcaScuba is one such place that provides professional training to people.

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4 Best Places For Snorkelling In Singapore

If you are wondering where to go snorkelling in Singapore, check out the below list of popular snorkelling sites in Singapore.

1. Pulau Hantu

Located in the direction of the South of Singapore, Pulau Hantu is made out of two islands called Hantu Besar (Big Ghost) and Hantu Kecil (Small Ghost). It is undoubtedly one of the best places to snorkel in Singapore. To all the adventure junkies out there, you can dive deep into the water while you snorkel in Pulau Hantu. If there is clear visibility you might see sea turtles, whale sharks and also swimming lagoons. The divers can travel between the two islands and have the best snorkelling experience of their life at this famous island.

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2. Sentosa Island

Rainbow reef snorkelling at Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa island is another wonderful place for snorkelling in Singapore. For beginners in snorkelling, this is the best place. For kids under 11, however, it is safe to snorkel at sea, it will definitely be a delightful experience with the world under the sea. You can experience the 20,000 species of fishes making your adventure memorable for a lifetime.

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3. Kusu Island

Located 45 minutes away from Singapore, this secret island also provides an opportunity for snorkelling. It is a less crowded island and therefore provides a peaceful environment to explore marine life. If you are lucky enough you might encounter some shrimps, crabs and fishes.

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4. Pulau Jong

This tiny, little island is famed for snorkeling and is located just 5 miles off the coast of Singapore. The adventure begins when the only mode of reaching this unexplored and non-commercialized island is by using a charter boat. This island is home to some of the most exotic and vibrant marine life. Right from Black-tip sharks to parrot fishes, there are many fascinating species that would be your regular companions when exploring the world within the waters. This marine diversity of this island is what really attracts thrill seekers.

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Snorkelling Course In Singapore

Snorkelling in Singapore has been made easier for tourists wanting to do it for recreational purpose or anyone who wants to learn it as a professional. There are some famous operators providing snorkelling course in Singapore like Deep Blue Scuba, The Hantu Bloggers and Amazing Dive to name a few.

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Snorkelling In Singapore

Below are certain things you must keep in mind, to enjoy your snorkelling experience in Singapore.

1. Make sure to get the appropriate right fit of snorkelling equipment which includes the mask, snorkel and fins.
2. Carry a float vest with you to be safe if you don’t swim a lot, or have just learnt snorkelling.
3. It is important to ensure that your mask does not leak. If it happens it may get filled with water. If such a case arises, it is advisable that you come to the surface, throw the water out and then continue your dive.
4. Don’t forget to carry a torch because the visibility might be too low when you go deep in Singapore seas.
5. Do not panic underwater. Just relax and breathe through your snorkel.

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Snorkelling in Singapore is undoubtedly a fun activity. At the same time, all the adventure and experience seekers should keep in mind to not litter the ocean or pollute the natural environment. Exploring marine life can really be an experience of a lifetime. Now that you know where and why to snorkel in Singapore, immediately plan a trip to Singapore . You will surely experience the best sceneries you can ever imagine. Live the best moments of your life and don’t forget to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions About Snorkelling In Singapore

Is knowledge of swimming is necessary to do snorkeling in Singapore?The people who do not know how to swim can use a float vest and leg fins and do snorkeling in Singapore up to hip level water. You can also get in with a friend, who knows how to swim.

What is the best way to go for snorkeling in a Singapore tour?Yes, your snorkeling dream will come true, when you book an all-inclusive Singapore tour. However, you must see that snorkeling is one of the recreational activities to do in the permitted places.

Is it possible to learn snorkeling on a Singapore tour?Yes, Singapore is a popular place for snorkeling recreational activity in Southeast Asia. There are many registered diving schools and seawater sports training centers. You can enroll and learn them within a week.

Is it necessary to carry the snorkeling kit during Singapore tour?If you have sufficient space in your baggage, you can carry it too. Others can buy a snorkeling kit from a sports shop, beachside vendors and near major seawater adventure places in Singapore.

Can a solo woman going for a Singapore adventure tour?Yes, you have to approach any of the diving schools present in Singapore. They will send you a guide and assistant for snorkeling. They will give proper instruction and a trial before you start.

Can children do snorkeling in Singapore?Yes, children can do snorkeling up to their hip level water in permitted places in Singapore. However, their parents or an assisted snorkeling by a diving school must accompany them.

Is it possible to go for Snorkeling in the aquarium once in Singapore tour?Yes, you must reach Adventure Cove Water Park in Sentosa Island to enjoy snorkeling in a huge aquarium. This will be a different recreational activity to do once on your Singapore tour.

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