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Spot A Living Chocolate Frog Straight Out Of Harry Potter World By Travelling To Australia

We have seen many fascinating species of frogs, but this newly-discovered chocolate frog in Australia is taking us by awe. And guess what, it has an uncanny resemblance to the ones shown in the Harry Potter movie. The new chocolate frog species known as Litoria mira has been discovered by scientists from Australia’s Queensland Museum. Here’s everything we know about this fascinating breed.

The Cocoa-Coloured Frog Looks Similar To The Australian Green-Tree Frog
The cocoa-coloured frog was first spotted by Steve Richards, a frog specialist at the South Australian Museum, in the rainforest swamps of New Guinea. However, it took the scientists years for genetic analysis and to decipher the science behind the new species. Unlike the other tree frogs known for their green skin, Litoria Mira is brown. Litoria Mira looks similar to the Australian green tree frog except for its colour. Litoria mira has evolved to become so distinct that it is not genetically possible for the two species to breed.

Chocolate Frog Is Widespread In The New Guinea Region
Scientists believe that these frogs live in very hot, swampy areas many crocodiles, and hence deeper exploration of the species remains a challenge. Scientists believe that the chocolate frog lives in the lowland rainforests of New Guinea and the species is widespread. Also, the newly-discovered species is also a little smaller in size than the Australian green tree frog.

According to the scientists, the understanding of the biodiversity of New Guinea will help them to understand the history and origins of Australia’s unique fauna. Besides, New Guinea was not a place most Australians know well, so this is a new place waiting to be discovered by scientists.

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