Stroll By The Beaches Overlooking Paradise At These Islands In West Bengal


Adorned by the Hooghly river and embraced by the Bay of Bengal, this state has stranded islands on the waters that are often less travelled and of course, lesser-known. Before the summer heat really sits in and the humidity shears through, take a trip to these islands in West Bengal and reimagine the meaning of a subtle and peaceful life away from this pandemic.

1. Mousuni Island

One of the most beautiful islands in East India, Mousuni amalgamates camping, adventure along with the pristine vibes of nature. You can actually stay at a beach camp with your friends, cherish a bonfire night and inhale the winds of the Bay of Bengal. Being lesser-known, the place isn’t that crowded unlike other beaches of West Bengal.

2. Jambu Dweep

This happens to be an isolated island on the Bay of Bengal, some 8 Kms off the Bakkhali coast. The island is uninhabited and conserves some of the endangered species of India. A ferry from Frazerganj will take you around and you can spend some time on the beach but anything more happens to be illegal.

3. Ghoramara Island

This beautiful island lies some 90 Kms off the coast of Kolkata and happens to be a popular destination in the Sunderbans Delta Complex. The island is pretty small and the five kilometres present are astoundingly pristine, peaceful and rich in vegetation. The island is considerably shrinking every year so make you visit before it disappears.

4. Hamilton Island

Another beautiful spot on the Sundarbans Delta Complex, it happens to take you closer to the wilderness of the mangroves. The Royal Bengal Tiger can be spotted as you take a safari on this island. The mangrove forest is mostly undisturbed and you can explore it easily on a boat or government ferry.

5. Henry Island

One of the most popular tourist attraction of West Bengal is Henry Island. Although it lies pretty close to the main coast, the surreal scenery at this place leaves you in awe. Dried up trees and planktons create a mesmerizing charm while the mangrove forest on the beach lets you walk among nature in silence.