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Top 18 Places To Visit Near Ajmer For A Culturally Rich Experience

Ajmer, founded in the 7th century, is an ancient city where the past and the future seem to coexist. That’s why this city has its charm and there is more than that to add to your memories that you’ll make during your trip. Ajmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills besides the sparkling lakes and well-preserved flora and fauna that bring tourists closer to nature. And most important of all, the presence of magnificent monuments, palaces, forts, museums, local handicrafts and art, mesmerising mix of the wonderful yet rich Rajasthani and Mughal culture, colours and fairs et al will make walking around the charming Ajmer a true pleasure.

Ajmer is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations in the Indian state of Rajasthan. However, there are several places around the city that are also worth exploring. These places to visit near Ajmer will bring you closer to the Rajasthani culture in a way that you’ll be simply taken by surprise.

18 Best Places To Visit Near Ajmer

Check out the list of the 18 famous places to visit near Ajmer on your next trip. 

  • Pushkar – Known For Its Pushkar Lake
  • Kishangarh – The Marble City Of India
  • Nathdwara – Famous For Krishna Temple
  • Chittorgarh – Visit The Largest Chittorgarh Fort
  • Tonk – A Renowned District Of Rajasthan
  • Khuri – Popular For Its Sand Dunes
  • Sikar – Home To Several Havelis
  • Jaipur – The Vibrant Pink City
  • Kota – The Industrial Capital Of The State
  • Khimsar – Ideal For A Relaxed Weekend Getaway
  • Ranakpur – A Temple Town
  • Shekhawati – Enchanting Havelis And Palaces
  • Sawai Madhopur – Known For Several Historic Sites
  • Deshnok – A Unique Pilgrimage Centre
  • Nagaur – A Charming City
  • Bundi – Sparkling Rivers And Gorgeous Waterfalls
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort – A Mewar Fortress
  • Lake Foy Sagar – Soak In The Scenic View

Cities And Towns Near Ajmer

When it comes to exploring the places to visit near Ajmer, you need to do a bit of extensive research by keeping into consideration your preferences and the tour exclusivities. Here are some of the places you can choose to add in your itinerary.

  1. Pushkar – Known For Its Pushkar Lake


Pushkar is a small place, situated 15 km from Ajmer, is a holy place and is mostly known among the tourists for the sacred Pushkar Lake, the Brahma Temple, and the popular Camel Safari. The Pushkar Lake is a sacred Hindu site with the 52 Ghats (stone staircases) where pilgrims from all over the world come to take the holy bath. In addition, the city is also home to hundreds of other popular temples, including 14th-century Jagatpita Brahma Mandir. It has easy accessibility by Road from Ajmer.

Distance from Ajmer:: 15 km (22 min)

Best Time to Visit: October – March

Places to Stay: Kanhaia Haveli, Hotel Brahma Horizon, Elephant Pushkar, Hostel mozi

Packages Starting From: ₹ 7,999/-

Ideal Duration: 1-2 Days

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  1. Kishangarh – The Marble City Of India


Kishangarh city, located at a distance of mere 32 km north-west of Ajmer and 90 km far away from the state capital city of Jaipur, is famous amongst the tourists as a birthplace of the Kishangarh-style of painting. Also known as the Marble city of India, Kishangarh was developed and inhabited by the Rajgharanas and Maharajas of Jaipur and Jodhpur. The city is also believed to be the only place in the world where a temple of nine planets has been built. Apart from a wholesale market for red chilies, this city is equally famous for the trade of granite and marble.

Distance from Ajmer:: 32.0 km (33 min)

Best Time to Visit: October – March

Places to Stay: Ramada Ajmer, GenX Kishangarh, Hotel Kumkum

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  1. Nathdwara – Famous For Krishna Temple


Nathdwara, located in the Aravalli hills, is famous for its temple of Krishna which houses the deity of Shrinathji, a 14th-century monument. It has a 7-year-old “infant” incarnation idol (murti) of Lord Krishna, which remains the main attraction point for the visitors here. Situated between the Aravali hills on the banks of the Banas River in Rajsamand district, it offers an incredible scenic beauty to the travelers.

Distance from Ajmer:: 217 km (3 Hrs 5 min)

Best Time to Visit: September – February

Places to Stay: Hotel Manorath, Hotel Dwarika, Kamal Darshan Behind Shreeji temple, Hotel Vaikunth

Packages Starting From: ₹ 35,799/-

Ideal Duration: 1 day

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  1. Chittorgarh – Visit The Largest Chittorgarh Fort


One of the popular and must-visit tourist attractions near Ajmer, Chittorgarh is worth visiting for many reasons. Located just 192 km from Ajmer, Chittorgarh is famous for its several attractions, including the famous Chittorgarh Fort. The fort is remembered for the Jauhar that Rani Padmini and Rani Karnavati underwent during a siege. Apart from the fort, tourists may also explore other attractions like Rana Kumbha Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, and Meera Temple, etc. You can plan you stay at one of these resorts in Chittorgarh that will perfectly compliment your tryst with history.  

Distance from Ajmer:: 192 km (2 Hrs 35 min)

Best Time to Visit: October – March

Places to Stay: Chittorgarh Fort Haveli, Laxmi Lodge , mahal chittorgarh fort, Hotel Padmavati Fort View

Packages Starting From: ₹ 10,000/-

Ideal Duration: 1 Day

Things To Do: Explore Chittorgarh Fort, Padmini’s Palace, Kalika Mata Temple

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Planning your holiday in Rajasthan but confused about what to do? These Rajasthan travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

  1. Tonk – A Renowned District Of Rajasthan


If you are looking for worth exploring tourist attractions near Ajmer, you must not miss out on Tonk located just 156 km away from Ajmer. Famous for its leather and felt industry, the city of Tonk is also known worldwide for its Old Baoris (Hadi Rani Kund), Bilaspur Dam, Raja Rai Singh Mahal, Rasiya Ke Tekri, Bisaldeo Temple, etc., that best describe region’s glorious history.

Distance from Ajmer:: 156 km (2 Hrs 45 min)

Best Time to Visit: October – March

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  1. Khuri – Popular For Its Sand Dunes


Situated 80 kilometers from Ajmer, the desert village Khuri is also one of the famous tourist attractions nearby Ajmer. Popular for its sand dunes, Khuri is a great gateway for the people seeking out pleasant and peaceful ambiance without any rush. Apart from the camel rides, camel races and camel polo for the visitors, it is equally a great place for the bird watchers.

Distance from Ajmer:: 80 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: January and February

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  1. Sikar – Home To Several Havelis


Located in the north-eastern part of Rajasthan, Sikar is famous for its ‘Padharo Mhare Desh’ (a kind of respect to its visitors) attitude all over the world. Besides its popularity for art and culture, this historical city nearby Ajmer is home to several forts and Havelis, especially from the Mughal era architectures. Some popular attractions of Sikar include the Sawant Ram Chokhani Haveli, Laxmangarh Fort, Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Sanganeria Haveli, Char Chowk Haveli and Kedia Haveli amongst others.

Distance from Ajmer: 179 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Places to Stay: Park Avenue and resorts, Hotel Fortune Blue, Hotel Sangam & Family Restaurant, Hotel Md & Restaurant

Ideal Duration: 1 Day

Things To Do: Zip Lining, Safari, Hot-Air Balloon Ride

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  1. Jaipur – The Vibrant Pink City

Popularly known as the “Pink City”, Jaipur is a perfect example of the Hindu architecture. It is a beautiful old city of India famous for its palaces, forts and havelis. The Amber Fort, the Nahargarh Fort, Sheesh Mahal, the Hawa Mahal, and the Jal Mahal are some of the popular tourist attractions of Jaipur. People from far across come here to witness the rich culture and traditions. 

Distance from Ajmer: 131 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Places to Stay: Hotel Shrinath, Hotel Veer Castle, The Bougainvillea Terrace, Hotel Sugandh Retreat

Packages Starting From: ₹ 6,000/-

Ideal Duration: 2-3 days

Things To Do: Exploring Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Hot Air Ballooning

  1. Kota – The Industrial Capital Of The State

Kota is one of the best places to visit near Ajmer. Being home to several major power plants and industries, it is also known as the Industrial Capital of the State. Kota has various regional centres like the Gurudwara Azamgarh Sahib, the Godavari Dham Temple, and the Garadia Mahadev Temple which attracts pilgrims from far and wide. Azamgarh Sahib Gurudwara is one of the most important shrines here. 

Distance from Ajmer: 203 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Places to Stay: Hotel Lilac, Hotel Confirm Inn, Country Inn & Suites, Hotel G20 Inn, Hotel Kota Royal

Ideal Duration: 1 day

  1. Khimsar – Ideal For A Relaxed Weekend Getaway

Looking for the best places to see near Ajmer? Visit the tiny hamlet, Khimsar which is famous for its fabulous fortress. This fortress has witnessed many battles and therefore the tourists can see the evidence of the war on the walls of the fort. History, leisure and sightseeing makes it a perfect holiday destination. 

Distance from Ajmer: 168 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Ideal Duration: 1 day

  1. Ranakpur – A Temple Town

Ranakpur is a famous temple town in the Pali district of Rajasthan. It is amongst the best tourist places near Ajmer. Various temples like Ranakpur Jain Temple, Surya Narayan Temple dedicated to Lord Sun, Muchhal Mahavir Temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva are must-visit tourist attractions here. 

Distance from Ajmer: 233 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: December to February

Places to Stay: Ranakpur Hill Resort, Chandra hill resort, Fatehbagh, Ideal Lake View Resort

Packages Starting From: ₹ 45,500/-

Ideal Duration: 1 day

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  1. Shekhawati – Enchanting Havelis And Palaces

Located in the north-east part of Rajasthan, Shekhawati is of immense historical significance to Indians. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions here includes various painted havelis, forts like Haveli Nadine Prince, Dr. Ramnath A Podar Haveli Museum, Morarka Haveli Museum, Jagannath Singhania Haveli and the Khetri Mahal. Without a doubt, it is one of the popular tourist places around Ajmer

Distance from Ajmer: 131 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Places to Stay: Hotel Shekhawati, Hotel Radhika Haveli, Mandawa, Hotel Mandawa Palace And Restaurent, Hotel Shahi Palace,Hotel Chobdar Haveli

Ideal Duration: 1-2 days

  1. Sawai Madhopur – Known For Several Historic Sites

Sawai Madhopur is a small city known for several historic and natural sites in and around the city. The famous ones are Ranthambore National Park and the Ranthambore Fort situated at a distance of 11 km from the main city. Other popular tourist places include Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple and Chamatkar Ji Jain Temple. It is indeed one of the best tourist places around Ajmer. 

Distance from Ajmer: 234 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Places to Stay: Anuraga Palace, Hotel Nakshatra, Hotel Ranthambore Heritage, Ranthambhore Paridhi Niwas

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  1. Deshnok – A Unique Pilgrimage Centre

Famous for the Karni Mata Temple and various festivals, Deshnok is one of the best places to see near Ajmer. This is a unique pilgrimage centre of India as rats are worshiped here. Infact the shrine is also popular as the rat temple. Home to around 20,000 rats, a large number of devotees come each year especially on the occasion of the Karni Mata Fair. It is an annual festival held twice – March to April and September to October. 

Distance from Ajmer: 233 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Places to Stay: JMB, Bhagat Palace, The Karni Bagh

  1. Nagaur – A Charming City

Nagaur is a historic city located between the famous tourist destinations, Bikaner and Jodhpur. Nagaur Fort which is a sandy fortress is a popular attraction here. It houses the enchanting palaces, temples, fountains, and gardens. The other famous tourist attraction here includes Tarkeen Dargah, Saiji ka Tanka, Hadi Rani Mahal, Deepak Mahal and Akbari Mahal. 

Distance from Ajmer: 150 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Places to Stay: Yogi Raj Guest House, Hotel Bagariya Palace Deluxe, Hotel Spice And Restaurant, Red Chilli Hotel And Restaurant

Things To Do: Nagaur Fort, Tarkeen Dargah, Deepak Mahal

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  1. Bundi – Sparkling Rivers And Gorgeous Waterfalls

Sparkling rivers and gorgeous waterfalls make Bundi one of the best tourist places near Ajmer. The region is popular for its ornate forts, splendid palaces and Rajput architecture. There are numerous tourist attractions here including Taragarh Fort, Raniji-ki-Baori, Bundi Palace, Nawal Sagar, and Sukh Mahal. 

Read more at:

Distance from Ajmer: 163 kilometers

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Places to Stay: Blue Diamond Hotel & Restaurant, Kasera Paradise, Hotel Bundi Haveli, Bhavyam HomeStay &Cafe BackPackers ko , The Castle View Homestay

Ideal Duration: 1 day

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Attractions Near Ajmer

Listed below are a few of the most prominent tourist attractions that are lying at a close distance to the city of Ajmer. Don’t forget to miss them during your Ajmer trip!

  1. Kumbhalgarh Fort – A Mewar Fortress


Kumbhalgarh Fort, a famous tourist attraction near Ajmer, is located in the Rajsamand district near Udaipur in the Rajasthan state. Built-in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, the fort has also been included in the World Heritage Site in the recent past. This fort is spectacularly lit for a few minutes each evening in order to attract the tourists to feel the aura of the past era. The fort has the second-largest fort complex in India after the Chittor Fort, which is 36,000 m.

Distance from Ajmer:: 234 km (3 Hrs 15 min)

Best Time to Visit: October – March

Places to Stay: The Aodhi, Kumbhal Palace and Resort, The Kumbha Bagh, Kumbhalgarh Safari Camp, The Rock Valley Resort

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  1. Lake Foy Sagar – Soak In The Scenic View


An artificial lake created in the year 1893 by an English Lieutenant after whom the lake is named, Lake Foy Sagar is a popular tourist spot surrounded by the Aravalli mountains. Its scenic beauty is topped with lots of greeneries around it that makes it look like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Therefore, it receives tourists from all over the world.

Distance from Ajmer:: 8.5 km (30 min)

Timings: It is open all year long and every day

Ideal For: A picnic spot

Entry Fee: Entry is free

Places to Stay: Grand Xenia, Nirmala Palace, New Hotel Atlantica Ajmer, Chouhan Guest House, The Pushkar Nature

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Only a handful of cities and regions in the world can compete with the historical, cultural, natural and spiritual gifts which Ajmer and its surrounding places have to offer to its visitors. Make the most of your visit to this region of the Indian state of Rajasthan by covering the places to visit near Ajmer as well. Plan your tour for a memorable vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit Near Ajmer

When is the best season to visit the attractions near Ajmer?

Surely not the summers because it can get very dry, humid and hot during that time. The temperature goes as high as 40-45 degrees Celsius. Monsoon and winters are the best times. Winters can be really cold so don’t forget to pack a lot of warm clothes while traveling.

How to reach Ajmer?

It solely depends on your preference and convenience; whether you choose by Airways, Railways or Roadways. It has a local Kishangarh Airport nearby besides Jaipur Airport. It also has a railway station that connects it to all major Indian cities. Furthermore, you can hop into a car or a bus and take the Golden Quadrilateral National Highway to reach Ajmer!

Are Ajmer and its nearby attractions safe to explore?

Petty crimes can be a part of any city. So be mindful of your belongings. Make informed decisions. However, people in and around Ajmer are extremely respectful and hospitable to the tourists. Lots of tourists have often claimed to have felt it safe enough in a city to explore and to enjoy its countless delights.

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