Travelling Abroad? Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine Second Dose Sooner If You Meet These Criteria

Do you have to travel abroad and you’re wondering how and when you can get your second Covid vaccine dose? Well, you’re not alone. But there’s certainly good news for you. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a new SOP for special categories of international travellers. People meeting the criteria can get their second dose of the Covid vaccine sooner and travel abroad without any hassles. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Indians Travelling Abroad For Job, Education Or Olympics To Get Vaccines On Priority
International travellers belonging to special categories now have special SOPs issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. If they meet these criteria, they can get their second dose of the Covid vaccination sooner. This move is aimed at easing travel for those commuting to another country for education, a job or as part of India’s Tokyo Olympics contingent. The passports of these travellers will be linked to their CoWIN certificates. This will be applicable till August 31, 2021.

According to a TOI report, the new rules include only the Covishield vaccine. And there is no mention of any other vaccine-like Covaxin now. The Centre has directed all states and Union Territories to facilitate this rule for travellers meeting any of these criteria. Earlier, a gap of 84 days was needed between 2 doses of Covishield. The new rule will cut this gap down to 28 days If you’re travelling abroad for work, education or for the Tokyo Olympics as a participant, then you can be eligible to get the second dose of Covid vaccine sooner.

Here are some important pointers regarding the new SOP.

  • People seeking early vaccination for job opportunities need to show the offer letter for the same or interview call for the job
  • Participants for Tokyo Olympics wanting early vaccination must sow nomination
  • Students travelling abroad for higher education must show admission offer or any formal communication conveying the same
  • People seeking faster vaccination under these criteria should maintain planned date for travel before the current minimum gap of 84 days
  • It’s advisable to show your passport as the ID document for vaccination. In case another ID was used while taking the first dose, then details of the same will be printed on the vaccine certificate.
  • Authorities can also issue another certificate to link passport and vaccination certificate.
  • CoWIN will also let people meeting these criteria book vaccination slots for the 2nd dose

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So, folks, this is everything you need to keep in mind and follow if you need to travel abroad for the above-mentioned reasons. Moreover, for further details visit the Press Information Bureau website.