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Trekking In Georgia: 7 Adventurous Routes One Must Definitely Explore While At This Country!

Georgia was not among the very well-known and popular trekking destinations of the world off late. Popularly known as “Gem of the Caucasus”, Georgia is comfortably nestled between Caspian Sea and Black Sea. The country has proved to be a paradise for trekkers and the destinations are beautiful.

7 Best Trek Routes In Georgia

If you are planning to trek in Georgia, you will love the picturesque trails and scenic views that await you! Listed below are a few of the best trekking in Georgia, you must explore on your next visit to the city

1. From Omalo To ShatiliIn this trek, the villages of Omalo and Shatili are connected. These villages are historical centers of mountain regions Tusheti and Khevsureti. The mesmerizing scenery, the lush green canopies, and the clear blue skies that welcome you during the trek is simply fascinating. Not only this, trekkers also get to experience innumerable ancient villages and fortresses, which are strongly dominated by stone towers. After that, in the trek there is wilderness and solitude with just a few counted people here and there. Crossing of the high Atsunta Pass at altitude of 3413 meters is the highlight of the trek.

Distance Covered: 70 Kilometres
Duration Of The Trek: 5 Days

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2. From Svaneti To Racha

The trek from Svaneti to Racha is quite a demanding one. There is no doubt that you can witness some amazing natural beauty on the way to some of the most remote areas of Caucasus. The path of the trek is the very old road, which connects Zeskho Village in Svaneti with Ghebi in Racha and has been much in disrepair. Currently the road is destroyed by landslides and lush vegetation has occupied the space. The route of the trek is extremely challenging as one has to cross two steep mountain passes. Along with this, the wild valley of Tskhenistskali River has to be crossed as well. You might have to wade through fields with tall hogweeds and endure stinging nettles as well.

Distance Covered: 40 Kilometres
Duration Of The Trek: 3-4 Days

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3. From Mestia To Ushguli

This is one of the best trekking trips in Georgia. In this trek, Mestia is connected to the remote mountain village of Ushguli. Most importantly, this trek is not a difficult and trekkers of all levels will love exploring this beautiful trail. Historical and natural sights are the highlight of the trek. The greatest advantage of this trek is that you can rest your sore feet in the many villages that dot these trails. Enjoy a sumptuous meal, pitch a tent, or simply stay with the villagers before you set out further on your trek.

Distance Covered: 58 Kilometres
Duration Of The Trek: 4 Days

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4. Trekking To Black Rock Lake

Trekking in Georgia is not complete without the trek to Black Rock Lake. Actually, innumerable animal species can be seen in the Great Caucasus. But most of the times, the valley looks empty as local people carry out hunting in the most reckless manner. There is also a long history of shepherding in the place. Lagodekhi Park is the oldest nature reserve in Georgia and one can see abundant wildlife there. The Park has many hiking trails and one is the trek to Black Rock Lake. The Lake is at an elevation of 2800 meters.

Distance Covered: 45 Kilometres
Duration Of The Trek: 3 Days

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5. St. Andrew’s Trail In The Borjomi-kharagauli Park

Located in the mountains of Lesser Caucasus is the Borjomi-Kharagauli Park. It is one of the largest national parks in Georgia and extremely popular for wildlife, pristine forests and developed infrastructure on that. If you want to enjoy Georgia trekking, you can try the 9 marked trails in the Park. The best one is definitely the St. Andrews trail. Tents are not needed for the trek as tourist shelters are available at reasonable costs.

Distance Covered: 54 Kilometres
Duration Of The Trek: 4 Days

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6. Trekking On The Keli Plateau

This trekking is actually recommended for trekkers who are in constant search of something new. Beginning in the picturesque Truso Valley, the trek helps in exploring the Keli volcanic plateau. This plateau is a rocky and barren piece of land which lies to the west of Georgian Military Highway. Not many people come for trekking in this area. If you go to the place, make sure to pay a visit to the glacial Kelishadi Lake. There are also some excellent gorges of Suatisi and Mna, where some unusual stuff can be seen in the form of waterfalls, peculiar rock formations and the Kazbegi mastiff.

7. Hiking Through The Chaukhi Pass

Among the most popular Georgia trekking tours is the hiking through the Chaukhi Pass. This is a very popular trail, which connects the Juta Village in Kazbegi with the Khevsureti. The grand Chokhi mastiff with seven sharp peaks is a scene to watch. However, you have to climb 3338 meters high Chaukhi Pass for the same. The Abudelauri Lakes can be seen on the other side of the Pass. These alpine lakes come in different colors – green, blue and white. The plan of trekking in Georgia in this Pass can be extended by a few days to explore the many villages and mini trails on this beautiful trek.

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No visit to Georgia is complete, if you haven’t gone trekking in the wilderness. There is a trail for almost everyone out there– whether you are a novice or an expert trekker. So, get your trekking boots out, pack a picnic hamper and head out on a fun filled trek you will never forget while customizing your Georgia holiday!


Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Georgia

What are some of the most famous trekking trails in Georgia?Some critical trails for trekking in Georgia are mesmerizing, including the trails from Omalo to Shatili; Svaneti to Racha; Mestia to Ushguli; Black Rock Lake; St. Andrew’s trail, the Keli Plateau and the Chaukhi Pass trails.

How many days does one take to complete the trekking trails from Omalo to Sahtil?The total distance of the trekking trail that connects Omalo and Sahtil is 70 km. So, it would take you about five days to complete the entire trail.

How difficult it is to complete the trail from Svaneti to Racha in Georgia?The trail that connects Svaneti village from Racha village is mesmerizingly magnificent, but it is nor for beginners. You will have to cross steep mountains to complete the trek, and the total distance is 40 km. Any trekker has to be an expert to complete the trip.

Can a beginner go on a trekking trip from Mestia to Ushgill in Georgia?Yes, if you are a beginner, you can go on a trekking trail from Mestia to Ushgill in Georgia since the route offers several tiny villages were on could not only rest but relish some delicious meals on the way.

When is the perfect time to visit Georgia?Georgia is prone to extreme climatic conditions. Hence, you should visit during May, June, and September to avoid uncomfortable weather and to trek easily in Georgia.

What should bring to trekking in Georgia?You must have with you a pair of sunglasses, a map of the trails, backpack, sleeping bags, and many more things. Without these pieces of equipment, you will have a tough time trekking in Georgia.

What pair of shoes should you bring to a trekking trip to Georgia?Trekking in Georgia has its own set of challenges. Sometimes you may have to climb steep slopes and some times you may have to travel in the rain. Hence, choose the shoes that offer a firm grip and are not all slippery.

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