Try Free Fish Pedicure In Goa By Soaking Your Feet Into This Natural Pool

It is the sunshine state of Goa that offers a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. Goa is a major tourist attraction all year round with its stunning white sand beaches and picturesque sunsets attracting thousands of tourists. Goa is not only the party state of India but offers a plethora of activities for you to indulge in. If you are in need of a pedicure because of all the adventurous activities. Try a fish pedicure by soaking your feet into a natural pool in Arambol Dam.

Arambol Dam

Arambol is a traditional fisherman’s village, located at a distance of 90 minutes from Goa airport. Arambol Dam is located just 2km away from the famous Arambol beach. Green hills and coconut groves surround it. The azure and clean waters provide a sense of calmness. You can enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of the area and partake in a free natural fish pedicure.

Best Time To Visit

Due to the rainy season, avoid traveling between May and October.

Head to Arambol Dam for a relaxing free fish pedicure by soaking your feet into a natural azure pool.

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Explore Arambol Salt Water Lake

Goans and tourists persist in calling it Sweet Water Lake, the lake’s real name is Vagkolam. A freshwater paradise was created by natural hot springs that emerged from the Goan jungle. Coconut groves and lush green hills surround the lagoon. Enjoy the area’s spiritual vibe, join in one of the regular meditation sessions, or pamper your body with a well-known healing clay. To achieve inner peace, take part in meditation classes beneath the massive Banyan tree.

How To Reach

The narrow section of the coastline known as Kalacha Beach leads to Sweet Water Lake in Arambol. The beach is only accessible by foot due to its remote location. From Arambol Beach, it is only a short stroll north, and it is one of the most well-known sites on the Goan coast.