World’s First City To Charge For Admission!


Is Venice on your vacation wish list? Here’s something you should know – you will be charged an entry fee from next year. 

In order to solve the crowding issue, Venice has implemented entrance fees for the first time in the world.

Find out all the details about Venice’s new entry fee rule by reading on!

Venice To Impose Entry Fee For Tourists

Before traveling, tourists will have to pay this fee when booking their visit online starting January 16. The basic fee will range between €3 (Rs 247) and €10 (Rs 823).

In the words of Simone Venturini, Venice’s tourism chief, “We are the first city to apply a measure that could be revolutionary.” He also stated that the new measure is a solution to the “overtourism” problem the city has been experiencing for a long time.

Despite the Covid epidemic, tourism in the lagoon city is on the rise, with daily tourists outnumbering the city’s 50,000 residents.

Tickets will vary in price based on how many people attend; the more people who attend, the more expensive it will be.

These People Will Be Exempt From Buying Tickets

Despite the fact that the ticket booking system will soon be introduced, according to councilor for the budget Michele Zuin, there are a number of exceptions to the requirement to purchase tickets.

Residents, disabled people, homeowners, people who visit the city for medical reasons, to visit relatives, or to attend cultural events will be exempt from purchasing tickets. Children under six will not have to buy tickets.

Overnight hotel guests will also be exempt from this fee since they will already be paying a tourist tax. 

Visitors who neglect to pay the entry fee will be subject to a fine that might range from €50 (Rs 4,116) to €300. (Rs 24,701).