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World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Seychelles Records Doubled COVID-19 Cases; Imposes Fresh Curbs

We have seen our Instagram feed littered with pictures of the Maldives in months before the second wave hit India. It almost seemed like Indians frequented the Maldives more than Goa. But soon gorgeous African island republic of Seychelles decided to open its borders to Indians. And while it was earlier decided that you can visit Seychelles with a negative RT-PCR, the island nation later announced that it will be welcoming vaccinated travellers. Seychelles is the most vaccinated country right now but does it mean that it can be a good idea to visit Seychelles? Here’s why you need to think twice.

Vaccinated Population In Seychelles Are Testing Positive
While Seychelles has vaccinated most of its population, it is not helping to turn the tides in some places. The nation saw more than double active cases in the past week raising concerns that inoculation is not making people immune to the virus. However. World Health Organization said that vaccine failure could not be concluded without proper assessment of the case.

The Health Ministry of the archipelago off of Africa’s east coast said that 37% of fully vaccinated people were tested positive for the virus. 57% of the people in Seychelles were inoculated with Sinopharm while the rest of the population were given Covishield. After Seychelles, The Bahamas Is Welcoming Fully Vaccinated Travellers Without Covid Testing.

Seychelles Imposed Fresh Curbs
However, out of all the people who had been vaccinated, no one has died of the virus till now. Looking at the mounting new cases, Seychelles has imposed fresh curbs. It has closed schools and canceled sporting activities amid the surge in CIVID cases. The new curbs also include bans on the intermingling of households and the early closure of bars. The curbs are similar to those last imposed at the end of 2020.

Cases are also surging in the popular Indian Ocean island the Maldives. Travelling is a slippery slope right now and it is best to wait until normalcy returns.

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