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You Will Be Shocked By These 5 Facts About Palm Jumeirah

There are only a few significant architectural landmarks created by humans, such as the Palm Jumeirah. It is also recognized as the eighth wonder of the world.

The Palm Jumeirah is known for these 5 facts.

Can Be Seen From Space

The island is referred to as the world’s eighth wonder due to its best attractions like Atlantis that create an iconic structure at The Palm. Do you know that this world-famous attraction is one of the very few places on Earth that can be visualized from space due to its impeccable geometry and massive scale?

Satellites Were Used To Create The Palm 

Engineers used satellites guided by a hi-tech GPS that helped spray the sand into place with pinpoint accuracy. It also used Vibro-compaction technology to prepare the 560 hectares of reclaimed land to be built on.

Dubai Shoreline

Palm Island has added around 120 kilometers of Dubai shoreline, which is an expansion of 166%. The island is so large that it can accommodate around 600 football pitches and is four times the size of London’s Hyde Park.

Prevents From Tycoons and Storms 

The breakwater that is situated across the crescent of the palm helps to safeguard the island from high waves in the state of a typhoon or storms. It is composed of geotextile fiber, sand, small and medium rocks that make the breakwater stable and robust.

Millions Of Tons Of Sand & Rock Were Used

Over 7 million boulders were placed from the Hajar mountain range, and 120 million cubic meters of sand were dredged from the bed of the sea. So much gravel and sand were used that a 2m-wide wall could be formed around the globe three times.?

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