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Bengaluru Is Hot Pink Right Now

As a proud resident of Namma Bengaluru, lately, I have been waking up to the gorgeous view of the city’s pink cherry blossom trees, blooming in full glory, right outside my window. With angelic blackbirds and kites making the tall pink trees their homes, the view outside my window is pink, all the way long. Commonly, we’d call them cherry blossom trees. But unlike the ones in Japan, these trees are actually called Tabebuia Rosea or Pink Trumpets. Bathing the city in all shades of pink, the summer might have got hotter. Nevertheless, there’s a splash of baby pink, to give you another reason, to don your masks, explore your city and make new floral memories. Here’s everything you need to know about Bengaluru’s version of Cherry Blossoms.

The First Pink Trumpet Trees In Bengaluru Were Planted By The British
The first pink trumpet trees in Bengaluru were planted by the British. The colonial rulers originally introduced these trees to Bengaluru just like they had done in other colonies across the world. Bursting into bloom in the early spring season, these trees were known for their wintery feel. The British styled their colonies with pink trumpets to elevate the aesthetic look and feel of streets.

After all, they valued exotic species of trees over the local ones. After the British left India, one of the things they left back in Bengaluru was the pink trumpet trees. SG Neginhal, one of the most renowned horticulturists of the city planted the Tabebuia Rosea as avenue trees in the 1980s. The pink trumpet trees, were thus here to stay, to elevate the beauty of the Garden city and give Bengalureans, a Shillong-like cherry blossom experience.

Where To Find Bengaluru’s Version Of Cherry Blossom Trees?
To witness Bengaluru’s version of cherry blossom trees, head to the city’s iconic Cubbon Park. You can cycle, take a long stroll and spend a good few hours, basking in the warmth and sitting in the shade of the glorious pink trumpet trees. Silk Board junction, otherwise known for its tiresome traffic, this season is all about the bright pink trees, adorning the paths.

Several lanes in Indiranagar, Koramangala, Yelahanka, Mahadevapura, JP Nagar and Jayanagar are covered in pink blankets, with little pink petals floating in the skies, like a dream. The news of the coronavirus pandemic might make everything seem a little dreary. But one look at the lanes of Bengaluru covered in all shades of pink, and the world seems a little more beautiful and hopeful.

While Bengaluru wears a canopy of ecstatic summer blooms, it’s your chance to wear your masks, carry the hand sanitisers and explore your city with safety and style. Click pictures, fill your Instagram feed or just spend an ample amount of time gazing at nature’s spellbinding beauty.

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