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Covid Warriors Trek To Remote Uttarakhand Villages To Provide Masks & Medicines

During the second wave, COVID-19 has spread like a wildfire in India. It also reached the north Indian hilly state Uttarakhand and even to its remote villages. These remote areas do not have the proper healthcare and infrastructural facilities required for fighting the pandemic. To cater to the needs of these remote areas during this tough hour, a group of 10 men have been trekking the mountains to provide COVID assistance to the people of these remote areas.

he Team Has Trekked Over 100 Kilometres To Provide Relief Materials To Remote Villages
The team in Uttarakhand, who are on a mission to provide COVID assistance to remote villages, have trekked for more than 100 kilometres in the last few days to distribute masks, hand sanitisers, medicines, immunity-boosting drinks and more. The team has even made vehicle arrangements to take villages to the hospitals, when necessary. According to an India Today report, Madhav Prasad Joshi, the leader of the team, has said, “Initially, the villagers were very proud of their immune system. Most of them believed Covid won’t be able to touch them because of which when migrants and relatives came from other states to attend marriages, they were welcomed with open arms, triggering the rise in the number of cases.” Uttarakhand Man Starts ‘Bhaap Ka Langar’ To Provide Remedial Steam To People Amid COVID Crisis

The Team Makes The Villagers Understand The Importance Of Masks, Sanitisers And Social Distancing
Sushil Dimri, a team member, told India Today TV, “Our mobile numbers are spread across the city. Many people call us when they find it difficult to reach the hospital. Whenever we get a call, no matter how far the location is, we reach them and provide support. We also make them understand the importance of using sanitisers, mask & maintaining social distancing.” These trekkers are some of the many good samaritans who are going the extra mile to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

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