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Dubai Voted The Most Vegetarian-Friendly City In Middle East

Dubai is known for its diverse culture and exquisite cuisines. A melting pot of cultures and cuisines, the city has always had a lot to offer, especially in terms of food. And now, in another world first for Dubai, the city ranked the highest in the Middle East for “vegetarian-friendly cities”. Housing platform Nestpick conducted a research to help people discover cities that best cater to vegetarians and Dubai came in at number 59, higher than any other Middle Eastern city in the region.

Findings From The Survey
The survey took into account 200 global cities which were both popular destinations for relocation, and which had a good reputation with vegetarians. The study took into consideration affordability, vegetarian restaurant cost, vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants as well as vegetarian events held in each city.

London ranked number one for their meat-free offerings, as well as the high for the number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants it has. The city also scored well for the affordability of fruits and vegetables. Germany stood second, followed by Berlin, Munich Vienna and Glasgow. Other cities in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and the US round out the top 10.

Dubai Ranked 10th For Number Of Veggie-Friendly Restaurants
London secured the top spot for the highest number of vegetarian restaurants. Rome ranked second followed by Ubud in Bali, scoring 98.80. Dubai, stood in the 57th place in the overall rankings, and also made it to the top 10 for the number of veggie restaurants in the city. Dubai secured a score of 95.37, putting the emirate in 10th place.

Taipei in Taiwan, ranked first for the average rating of its top 10 vegetarian restaurants. Ghent in Belgium was lauded for the most affordable fruit and vegetables while Denver in the US was ranked the most affordable plant-based protein products.

Thailand’s Chiang Mai stood out the most affordable vegetarian restaurants while Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland has the highest percentage of vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Top 20 Cities For Vegetarians
London, UK
Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Glasgow, UK
Zurich, Switzerland
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Los Angeles, US
Bristol, UK
San Francisco, US
Rome, Italy
New York, US
Auckland, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Prague, Czech Republic
Melbourne, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Gothenburg, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Manchester, UK
In addition, the survey also revealed the best vegan-friendly cities around the world. Ubud, Bali stood first, followed by Edinburgh, UK, Bristol, UK, Glasgow, UK and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities
1. Ubud, Bali

2. Edinburgh, UK

3. Bristol, UK

4. Glasgow, UK

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

6. Wellington, New Zealand

7. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

8. Manchester, UK

9. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

10. London, UK

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