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Monday, February 6, 2023

Google’s In-Phone Recording Option Is Being Rolled Out To More Pixel Users

Google is finally rolling out its Android Phone app call recording in more markets around the world, and although this rollout is still only limited to Pixel devices, it could be the start of a broader rollout plan.

The recorder launched in the US last year for a select bunch of users, but reports suggest it’s finally coming to more countries. The primary reason is the legal limitations. There are some regions where call recording without the contact’s prior consent is illegal.

When you look up the Google phone app on the Play Store, you’ll also notice a picture showcasing the call recording feature. A report from 9to5Google states that it’s rolling out globally as a server-side update and that some people in India already have the feature.

According to the same report, the update will come to countries with lax call recording laws, including many other countries. Only one side of the conversation needs to consent to record a call legally. Once the feature does release, there’s a new ‘Call recording’ subsection in the app’s settings where you can change how soon you want to auto-delete your recordings. You can also set them to never delete.

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