Is Google Glass Planning A Return? Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Google Glass isn’t dead. So it appears. According to reports, Google has just invested a billion dollars in a company that makes small light-emitting diodes for augmented reality and mixed reality (MR) screens.

According to reports, Google has agreed to purchase Raxium, a five-year-old business. According to the information, the acquisition indicates that Google intends to possess more of the physical components required to make such gadgets.

Google is expected to invest $1 billion in the acquisition of Raxium, even though the exact details of the deal are unknown.

Raxium is at the forefront of bringing monolithic integration to MicroLEDs, enabling a new class of smaller and more powerful display solutions, such as augmented and virtual reality micro-displays and life-size light field arrays the company’s website.

Google Glass was initially available to a small number of people in 2013. In 2014 it became available to more people. Due to its $1500 price tag and privacy concerns. Google stopped developing Glass in 2015. Google restarted development of its Glass product in 2017.