Kerala Has A Beautiful Primary Health Care Centre That Resembles A Holiday Home


Government-run centres always have a characteristic look about them. You know the usual, old buildings, paints chipping off and everything like it was meant for the 80s. But let us break your perception here when we say that Kerala has a primary healthcare centre that does not resemble any of that. Oh no! we don’t mean it is so bad that it gives a haunted house vibe. But that it actually resembles a holiday home!

Kerala Has A Health Care Centre In Calicut Resembling A Holiday Home
Kerala or God’s Own Country has its many assets. From a high literacy rate to beautiful natural treasures, this state has a lot to offer to anyone willing to visit it. Now, you should add the beautiful and well-built primary healthcare building surrounded by various trees and plants which gives a very authentic holiday vibe. And yes, we welcome this feeling! Ravi Nair shared an image of a Primary Health Centre in Naripatta, Calicut in Kerala on his Twitter handle. In the picture, you will see a beautiful and well-built building surrounded by coconut trees and various types of plants. You can check out the images below.

Ravi had also tweeted and asked people to share images of PHCs or primary healthcare centres in different states and people bombarded the Twitter thread with many government-owned facilities from different states. Another user had also shared more pictures of this beautiful Health Centre and they are breathtaking. We hope this is the start for many more states taking up healthcare seriously to provide their citizens with world-class care set amidst a scenic infrastructure.