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Krua Thai Restaurant In Gurgaon Is Offering Delicious, COVID Special Healthy Menu To Boost Your Immunity

India is now fighting the harrowing second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. From doctors and police officials to the sanitisation staff, all the frontliners are working round the clock to flatten the curve of the pandemic. Amid the crisis, we should also do our part to make things a bit easier for these frontliners. While double masking up is highly important while stepping out, following a diet that boosts our body immunity is also vital now. The Government of India has already suggested a diet that will help in improving body immunity. Now, the Gurgaon restaurant Krua Thai has also launched a COVID special healthy menu for immunity.

The Menu Includes Soups, Cold-Pressed Juices, Salads And Healthy Rice Variants
The healthy menu from Krua Thai comprises dishes that can fuel our body with essential nutrients to boost our immunity. The menu includes salads, cold-pressed juices, soups and rice variants. Among salads, you can choose from Fresh Fruit and Super Green salads. The menu has a wide variety of cold-pressed juices, from Earthy Detox, Green Juice and Heathy Boost to watermelon, pineapple, orange and tender coconut juices. In healthy soups, the guys are offering Clear Vegetable Soup and Chicken Clear Soup. The restaurant is also offering Steamed Jasmine Rice, Vegetable and Mushroom Fried Rice, Plain Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice and more. The dishes are low on spices yet delicious on the taste buds. Centre Issues List Of COVID Immunity Foods; Dark Chocolate In The List

The Cold-Pressed Juices Have Zero Added Sugar
To cook the dishes, Krua Thai is using fresh fruits and vegetables, which are thoroughly sanitised after purchase. Also, the cold-pressed juices have zero added sugar, so they won’t let you put extra inches on your stomach. The 15 dishes of the menu are hearty and sufficing to give you a wholesome diet. The price range of the dishes varies between ₹180 and ₹400. So, if you do not feel like cooking, you can place your order from Krua Thai by dialing +91 9810182631. Alternatively, you order via Zomato/Swiggy.

Address | M3M Urbana, Gurugram

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