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Netizens Say Egg Coffee Is Delicious, A Trend In The Making

What happens when you mix egg and coffee? What are your thoughts on this combination? It is said to be delicious by those who have eaten it. Chef Saransh Goila recently shared the recipe for Vietnamese Egg Coffee, and we saw netizens craving it. Egg Coffee, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is a Vietnamese beverage. Foodies consider it to be one of Hanoi’s best coffees. Here’s how to make it yourself at home.

How To Make An Egg Coffee That Is Unique And Fabulous?

Chef Saransh Goila guided us through the steps for making Vietnamese Egg Coffee at home. He wrote, “Vietnamese Egg Coffee (YES EGG!) is like having dessert for breakfast. No this is not DALGONA! While nothing comes close to having this coffee in streets of Hanoi and I’m missing travelling a lot, for now this really satisfied my taste buds.” Check out the procedure to make the coffee in the video below:

As the chef wrote, “Either with an egg beater or with a whisk, it’s simple.”. Pasteurized eggs (if you can) and entirely fluffy yolks are key to an excellent souffle. When the mix is foamy enough, put a drop in a glass of water, and the egg foam should float. You can choose to make the coffee by drip method or in a Moka pot as well, and if you don’t have either, go ahead with Instant! Chalo, happy day to you and try this? Have you ever had EGG COFFEE?”

Netizens Say That They Miss Hanoi And Its Egg Coffee

In response to Goila’s post, actress and singer Sophie Chowdhury wrote, “I miss Vietnam so much!” Best coffee, fabulous food, and the people.” Another user commented, “You took me to Hanoi.” Another commented, “One of the best coffee I had in Hanoi. Going to try this for sure.” A user also wrote, “Super delicious it is and is like a meal in itself. Too heavy!”

Now we know that this quirky coffee is worth a try. What say, folks?

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