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Northeast Gets A Bridge In Just 5 Days Connecting Shillong And Silchar

A new bridge is launched in the Northeast of India. The Border Road Organisation (BRO) launched a bridge that connects Shillong and Silchar. The best part about this bridge is that it was made within five days. Yep, BRO started work on the bridge on March 11 and was done by March 15. The bridge was envisioned to launch in 15 days- however, the work happened in just five days.

The Bridge Was Supposed To Launch In 15 Days, But Launched In 5 Days Instead
Speaking about the bridge and the experience for BRO, the Army said,

“The construction of the bridge on existing depilated piers was a unique experience for BRO. The Completion of the bridge in five days speaks volume of the BROs ethos and professionalism towards the service of the Nation. Prompt action by BRO has brought much need succour to the local population and has been deeply appreciated by the Civil Administration.”

The new bridge was launched because the initial bridge on Shillong-Silchar Highway was declared unfit for heavy vehicle traffic due to the expansion of vertical cracks on the main pillars and piers of the bridge. And due to this, the traffic was being diverted to Shilong city, causing discomfort to the citizens.

The Construction Started On March 11 And The Bridge Was Ready By March 15
Authorities approached BRO last year for the bridge, and on humanitarian ground, DG Border Roads gave his consent for the construction of an alternate bridge on a fast track basis.

After the approval, the initial bridge was examined and found unusable. It needed removal for launching a new bridge of heavier class. And after considering all the design aspects, it was decided to construct a 230-feet continuous span Bailey Bridge. The BRO then started the launching of the bridge on March 11 and completed it on March 15. Now ain’t that wow!

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